Blue Protocol Classes Guide | Spellcaster, Blast Archer, Twin Striker, Aegis Fighter

Blue Protocol Classes Guide

Now that the first closed alpha is behind us, it’s a great time for a Blue Protocol Classes Guide. Bandai Namco’s exciting anime MMORPG left many players wanting to know more about it, especially some details on how each class plays and which is more suited to your style.

The four classes that some lucky players were able to try are the Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spellcaster.

The first thing that you need to know is that there isn’t a dedicated healer class in Blue Protocol. All classes have a healing skill and can revive their fallen teammates. This should save you the trouble and ultimately means that everyone is able to coordinate and play as an attacker and a healer at the same time. The heal skill helps all allies within a certain range, so it’s best for the party to stay together in case someone needs a boost.

The class choice happens early in Blue Protocol by talking to a specific NPC in the starting city. There is no gender-lock, so you are free to pick a girl or a man as your base character, choosing from young and mature faces as well. Now let’s look at each one of the four classes.

Blue Protocol Classes Guide | Spellcaster

Blue Protocol Spellcaster

We’ll start with the Spellcaster. This class can manipulate and transforming engrams (a sort of magical power) to control elements such as fire, ice and lightning. This allows the class to release powerful long-range attacks thanks to its impressive wand. It’s not the most devastating of classes, but the impressive attack distance and very reasonable damage output come in handy in most situations and makes it a perfect fit for the guardian role.

The Spellcaster is the weakest of the four classes in terms of HP, which means that this is a class to keep at a safe distance from the heat of the battle. On the other hand, her attack stats are pretty good.

Blue Protocol Classes Guide | Aegis Fighter

Blue Protocol Aegis Fighter

For some reason, the Aegis Fighter looks like a heavily armored futuristic knight in the promotion shots. Look past that and you’ll find a melee-based class that focuses on short-ranged sword attacks, while using a huge shield to deflect any enemy strikes. It’s a balanced class that requires some strategy, but the more skilled players will be able to use it for the tank role.

The Aegis Fighter is the most resilient class of the four available, so use it to destroy as much of the enemy forces as you can while other classes support you.

Blue Protocol Classes Guide | Blast Archer

Blue Protocol Aegis Fighter

The Blast Archer class is a long-ranged fighter with an obvious focus on his or her dexterity stat. He can shoot powerful arrows at great speed, but he isn’t very useful when the enemies get close to him. As vital as the Blast Archer may be, it should always be joined by a melee class such as the Aegis Fighter or the Twin Striker.

Blue Protocol Classes Guide | Twin Striker

Blue Protocol Twin Striker

The Twin Striker is a melee brawler with many attack skills, mostly comfortable as a dual-wielding class with two huge axes. It’s a class that works perfectly up close and while not dealing as much damage as the tank class a.k.a. Aegies Fighter, it’s extremely useful in short range combat. It also comes with a few skills that increase its attack power.

These are the four initial classes in Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol. Given the success of the first closed alpha test, we are likely to see other classes joining the roster in the next few years.

Bandai Namco said that it has no plans for releasing Blue Protocol in the west at the moment, but that’s not surprising. First, it wants to consolidate the game in Japan, only after that it will consider other territories – Korea should be the priority, then it’s highly likely that Russia will get Blue Protocol before North America and Europe does. Some language files located in the alpha client point to the localization plan, with Korean, Russian, English and Portuguese being the languages in question.

Either way, Bandai Namco did say that it wanted to impress the world with Blue Protocol, so this means that a worldwide release is being considered since the inception. We’ll just have to wait and see how development progresses. If you want to know everything about the Blue Protocol closed alpha test, watch our impressions below. The official website is here.

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