Crasher Nirvana Global Launch Impressions and Gift Codes

Crasher Nirvana Global Launch Impressions and Gift Codes

Crasher: Nirvana has just released globally, and it should grab the attention of players who love to climb level after level in no time, at least during the first hour, because after that the challenge ramps up. If you want to start downloading the game, you can find all the links and other important information in the video description.

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Crasher: Nirvana is an eastern martial arts fantasy MMORPG for Android and iOS, featuring full 3D graphics and screen rotation, something that I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to see here due to the fixed top-down isometric approach that many games go for. So, you can expect open world exploration, some impressive weapons with flashy effects, massive bosses, class advancements, heroes and pets that will join your quest, and much more. Oh, and in this video we’re going to present you with some Crasher: Nirvana gift codes to give your character an edge over the competition, so definitely stay tuned if you want the free in-game items.

While Crasher: Nirvana is an MMORPG for mobile, you know how it goes in this day and age – you can play most Android games on PC as well. You can do it comfortably by downloading the official apk from the website and running it in your favorite emulator. Personally, I’m a fan of this approach as the advantages are notorious, such as enjoying the graphics on a larger screen and not having to worry with battery life. But being able to take the game anywhere and not losing progress is great, so you can have the best of two worlds.

But I digress. In Crasher: Nirvana you start by selecting one of seven characters, with more to come. You have the Fighter, Saint, Monkey King, and more, but I decided to go with the Ksiti class. It reminds me of these mystical shaolin monks that have an incredible aura to them and are fierce and focused warriors. Obviously, you can create a main and some alts to experience different approaches and see what adapts better to your playstyle, so you can switch characters at will. The way to do this is simple: click on that cross icon on the right to open the menu, then tap Settings all the way down there. Now you must pick the Personal tab and tap on the Switch Character button. That’s it, you are now watching the screen where you can select one of your classes and resume play where you left for each one of them.

To start with , I guess some new players could do with a bit of explaining about the game’s UI, so let’s get going. To the left side we have your task panel with all the useful quest details, divided into categories such as main, side, class, experience, and more, giving you an instant outlook of the available missions. You can click on them to go directly to the location or to claim a reward, not wasting any time with pointless walking. This is also the place where you can create a team by choosing the appropriate tab.

Crasher Nirvana Global Launch Impressions and Gift Codes

In the top area you have several icons that give you access to daily challenges, benefits, events, and all that you need to level up. Finally, the collapsible panel on the right is where you find the game’s settings, friend list, class transfer, and more. If you ever feel concerned about the amount of icons on the screen, rest assured that you have the option to hide most of them and make the screen less cluttered.

Crasher: Nirvana offers the comfort of auto-play, a feature that many players love to have as an option for the easier clashes and lower-level grind. Other players don’t like it that much, so you can always turn it off and manually control your character, something that is going to be necessary for harder boss battles, but mostly in large-scale PvP battles – your skills will be put to the test in some challenges. Idling in this game is very useful for places where you are assuredly above the enemy level, and since multitasking is something that many players do nowadays, auto-play is good for the times when you are busy – apart from that, your skills will be needed when the challenge is tough, or while diving into PvP battles.

Leveling up your character and everything around them is crucial if you want to face the challenges ahead with a straight face and a confident grin. There are countless ways to become stronger, but some of the most straightforward involve advancing a few aspects. Your mount, for example, can advance and turn into a more imposing beast, and your wings will become shinier and more appealing as they level up. Then you have your faithful pet companion, who isn’t just handy in battle, it also grows and changes shapes as it climbs ranks. All these features can be expanded through morphing, and that’s when things become even more impressive and powerful, not to mention cute – just check the loveliest kitten in the world, and the usually beautiful and mystical spirit fox right there.

Now we’ll take a look at the hero system, a feature that unlocks when you have advanced a bit in the game. It’s curious that this is where the summon system becomes available, something that is usually right at the start of other games, but in Crasher: Nirvana it takes a bit of adventuring to reach this point.

So, the hero system can be accessed on the panel to the right and allows you to summon many heroes in the enlistment option. These heroes have many uses, the most relevant one being that they join you in battle, giving you various boosts and additional skills – well, technically, only one joins you at a time. This is a very solid way of increasing your battle power, especially if you are lucky enough to get one of those top-tier characters. I could count around 30 unique heroes so far, so there’s a lot to choose from, and you’ll have to see who the best fit for you in battle is, as there can be only one, as they usually say.

This hero system comes with another interesting twist, the Hero Entrance. This is where you can select a few of your heroes to dispatch, paying attention to bonds with your main character that can improve the amount of extra power that you earn from this lineup.

Your class comes with an awakening system that turns it into a hulking beast for a few seconds. Consider its use wisely because there’s a significant cooldown after each usage, so make the best of it when facing tough bosses or countless mobs. You can climb ranks in your awakening form as well, making it stronger in various stats such as attack, defense, and health, but also evolves its passive and active skills. You will surely recognize it by the size, almost double your class, but don’t get too attached to it as it will fade away in a few seconds to rest.

There is no shortage of bosses in Crasher: Nirvana. The more common are the wild bosses, which you can find spawning in specific map areas and at regular intervals – quite fast to be honest, so there’s not much waiting to do and the rewards will be there for the taking. There are dozens of unique bosses with lenient level requirements, so you can risk it with a boss that is above your current level, but beware; the thing here is that you should team up with other players or just hop in when there are several other fighters around, because taking down one of these bosses alone isn’t an easy job. Obviously, the ones that do more damage get the best loot, so it’s worth the effort – if you have the “drop owner” symbol above your head, then it’s an indicator that you are doing great, keep at it!

Crasher Nirvana Global Launch Impressions and Gift Codes

I’d like to highlight another event, a daily challenge called Dragon Nest. This is a surprising rogue-like game mode where players enter a labyrinth comprised of several rooms and they are free to explore each one of them for a random reward, threat, or surprise. You have a limited number of keys that you use to enter rooms, but you can also skip or refresh a couple of challenges if you feel like you’re not up to the task and want to save your strength for later. Each successfully completed room, or event as it is called, will give you some points for a total score that will contribute to the final loot.

I have enjoyed the variety of events in each room, from boss monsters to chests, traps, fighting other players, or even a merchant with discounted prices. You can explore most rooms or go straight to the destination where the Dragon Nest boss awaits and valuable loot is right within reach, but no matter what, this is a welcome and somewhat unexpected addition in a game deeply rooted in the MMORPG genre.

Not even a marriage system was left out of the game. While I haven’t socialized enough with another player to get married, with intimacy levels and all that jazz, I can see this as another way to reinforce team play and hopefully a good reason to throw a massive wedding party with many rewards for all guests, as I expect these events to go. Reach level 165, work on that intimacy, and don’t forget to buy the wedding ring to make it fully official – then you’re off to explore instances and other adventures together!

We are approaching the end of this video and I was almost forgetting about the Crasher: Nirvana gift codes. That can’t happen, right? We have tons of them in the video description, but I’ll leave one here just to stimulate your appetite: it’s gift2023. You can check it on the screen right now, redeem it by tapping the Benefits icon, select Activation Code, and enter the coupons one at a time. Do it as soon as possible, because some codes may have expiration dates and you don’t want to miss out on the in-game currency and other valuable items if you plan on becoming one of the best players in the server.

Crasher: Nirvana may look and sound familiar at first, but the sheer amount of content that is waiting to be unlocked can be mind-blowing and surprisingly diverse. The more I climbed the levels, the better I appreciated the countless systems at work and the addictive nature of it all. Fans of martial arts fantasy MMOs will have a lot to enjoy here, and while the starting hours may feel like a walk in the park, the game just keeps on opening new systems and modes for you to explore, occasionally requiring you to take the wheel and show your skills.

I haven’t even touched upon things such as the guild versus guild gameplay, which is bound to be massive, but maybe you can see that for yourself. For now, I advise you to give it a go and take advantage of the 200 free consecutive draws that you receive, meaning that you could earn some rare items, pets, and skins, so don’t wait any longer.

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