Dragon’s Call exclusive interview

Dragon's Call is a new free browser MMORPG by Everdream Studio, and one that adds a few features that are being described as innovative. This is a game that is beginning to generate quite some buzz, and so Free MMO Station spoke to Adam Wu, the marketing officer of EverDream Studio, to learn more about it.

Could you introduce yourself and your role on EverDream Studio and Dragon’s Call?

I’m Adam Wu, the marketing officer of EverDream Studio. I also assist with some work in Dragon’s Call official forum sometimes.

What is the story behind Dragon’s Call birth? Why the choice to develop a free to play browser MMO?

Actually we’ve got more than five chapters of backstory for you to salivate over. It’s difficult to describe how amazing and attractive the stories are in one or two sentences, so you have to find them out yourself in the game and forum. The backstory on DC official site is just a hint.

Most of our development staff have long time experiences in the game industry, besides, we are all passionate online game players. That’s why we dreamed of creating an interesting free game world for players.

The fantasy theme is likely to be the most used on MMOs. What is your take on the genre to make it stand out from the crowd?

Firstly, web MMOs are different from client MMOs like WOW, so you can actually play DC during work, and play WOW after work.

Secondly, there’re many unique in-game systems that you would not possibly have seen before, since most of them originate from our own creative thoughts. The fantasy theme is just a cloth, you have to find out the differences inside.

And what are the gameplay features that make Dragon’s Call stand out?

-The instance system
-The character system
-The equipment system

And more creative in-game systems are going to open up when we officially launch them.

Does the auto-fighting and bot system means Dragon’s Call is a game aimed at casual players, or these are two features created just to make it more player friendly?

Auto-fighting and bot system are the same thing. Because many adult players are playing Dragon’s Call too, they have job and family issues to deal with, they don’t have much time hanging around in the game. That’s why we have this auto-fighting system; also it’s an advantage for web games. You don’t have to devote huge amount of time in the game like those client-based MMORPGs.

What is your favorite class in Dragon’s Call, and why?

Assassin, they are just hot. Kidding, well, as most players know, assassin is a class focusing on agility. You may see the swift movement when they attack monsters, besides I think it’s cool with a dark veil on the face.

You’re supporting Chile with a 10% donation to the Red Cross. How is this event going, did you feel a lot of support from Dragon’s Call players?

The donation is going pretty well, we have found a certain raise of payments since the event starts. Besides the 10% revenue, we also made donations ourselves. DC players are very supportive and kind-hearted. God bless Chile!

You stated that Dragon’s Call marketing was somewhat low profile. Are you satisfied with the actual player base?

The profile is not high, but it’s already pretty good for the beginning of Dragon’s Call. Since more and more medias and sponsors are willing to cooperate with us now, we can already foresee a much brighter future ahead. And we’re going to open the second server next month.

How is the Open Beta going? Did you get a lot of feedback from players, and is it mostly concerning bugs or improvements?

Beside many compliments we got from medias, DC players are also excited and enjoy playing Dragon’s Call. Actually we have had many tests concerning bugs during alpha and closed beta test, now we don’t have much feedback about bugs. Players are mostly concerned about our improvements during Open Beta now. And they’ve provided many creative suggestions for our Dev Team. Some of them even have been put into our development schedule.

If you haven’t tried it, there is one thing I wanna let you guys know, Dragon’s Call is absolutely the game you don’t wanna miss. Join the ultimate battle with tens of thousands of warriors now at http://dc.gamedp.com.

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