Dragon Raja celebrates its 4th Anniversary by introducing a new class, motor, title, and valuable rewards

Dragon Raja 4th Anniversary Events

As a cyberpunk and open-world MMORPG for mobile, Dragon Raja is going to celebrate its 4th anniversary! A limited Motor, Title, and various interesting events await you! Moreover, a brand-new class will make her debut during the celebration, bringing new pleasure and enjoyment with her enchanting magic and appearance! In Dragon Raja, an open world with more than 35 million players, you can explore the unknown as you please, customize your own image, choose your favorite class, build your dream home, experience exciting battles and adventures, and freely socialize and discover surprises with friends anytime, anywhere!

Do you want to experience this grand celebration with players from all over the world? The game is available on both mobile and PC! Tap to download the game and join us to celebrate the 4th anniversary!

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First series of anniversary events! Limited rewards are not to be missed!

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary, Dragon Raja has prepared an anniversary limited Motor, Title and various benefit events for players. Log in to the game to receive a variety of appearance gifts, including Avatar Frames, Gears and other rare items! If you want to explore the big world of Dragon Raja, the Motor is the essential transportation for all players, which can help you discover more surprises in this vast world! Dragon Raja has prepared a super cute anniversary limited Motor – “Late Night Tracking” for all players, which changes the traditional view of the Motor! Log in to the game to receive it!

Get on your Motor and enjoy the tranquility of the Nordic forest, the bustle of the modern city, the legend of the Tokyo street scene, the history of the Western-style school, and leave your story in all corners of the world of Dragon Raja!

Dragon Raja 1

Second series of anniversary events! Take a sneak peek at the new class!

A new student is ready to enter Cassell College and advance forward with us! As a popular MMORPG, Dragon Raja has been offering players 14 classes with unique characteristics for the past four years. This time, the new 15th class is coming soon! With her easy spellcasting stance, precise control of elemental power, and perfect balance between destructive fire and freezing ice, she is sure to bring a whole new experience to all players, and write down her own legendary story in the world of Dragon Raja!

Dragon Raja 2

Third series of anniversary events! Various events await you!

Besides, we’ve prepared a new memory event to meet the return of old friends! Revisit the old places with your allies and participate in the Summer Fireworks events as you search for memories of the past to earn Fireworks Giftboxes, Fireworks Seals, Fireworks Secrets, Gold, and other rare gifts!

Dragon Raja 3

Fourth series of anniversary events! Join community events to earn thousands of diamonds!

The anniversary celebration is a time to party with your friends and receive gifts! If the number of likes on the post reaches a certain number, we will also release additional rewards! In addition, the mysterious Magic Student Union event and the joyful Memory of Union event will be available. You can give free play to your imagination to create your own magic book, or support the magic book of other friends! Let your imagination run wild and be creative! Go to the official social media to learn more and participate in the events for a chance to win thousands of diamonds and many other rewards!

Dragon Raja 4

Dragon Raja will continue to bring new and innovative gameplay to this huge open world so that players can realize their dreams here. In addition to the cross-server two-player competition and other super interesting gameplay added in 2023, more innovative gameplay will be realized in the game! If you want to get the related information asap, don't forget to download the game and join our official social media platforms to keep up with all the latest news!

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Dragon Raja 5

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Official Website: https://dragonraja.archosaur.com
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DragonRajaEN

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