Dragon Raja celebrates its 3rd Anniversary by introducing a new class, a map, and valuable rewards

Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary

Dragon Raja, the Cyber-Punk Open World MMORPG, has kicked off its third anniversary with a major update – a new class – and numerous anniversary gifts, which will definitely give players a brand-new experience after two years of memorable moments. At this anniversary, a new class, Shadow Fencer, a new map with exciting events, and valuable rewards will be available in Dragon Raja to mark this great moment and to give something back for all the support and companionship we have received from the players. With over 30 million downloads over the past 3 years all over the world, there is no doubt that Dragon Raja is a global phenomenon, and its 3rd anniversary gives a reason to celebrate to all gamers, even those that haven’t played before.

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Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary

Special Class Shadow Fencer debuts for the 3rd Anniversary

With the hope that players will have a brand-new experience, a new class will be introduced as an anniversary gift. As a highly popular MMORPG game, Dragon Raja has offered players 12 distinct classes with unique characteristics over the past three years. The new class, Shadow Fencer, debuts as a foil-wielding warrior whose impressive shadow movements deal significant damage and allow for the removal of enemy control. In addition, Shadow Fencer is perfectly complemented by the classic-style map introduced in this update. Its remarkable gameplay is sure to captivate players.

Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary

Anniversary Events and Birthday Gifts

On the unforgettable day of our 3rd anniversary, Archosaur Games has prepared a series of events that will last until the end of March. These events include login rewards during three weeks (players only need to log in to the game to get various appearance rewards, including avatar frames, diamonds and outfits). There also are additional special rewards for returning players. There will even be a limited-time Red Packet Rain event, where the players will have the chance to win great prizes, such as the highly anticipated outfit Ghost Sugar and the motor Phantom Lord, which may be the most exciting part for this update.

Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary

A new map where magic and a classic style coexist

As an open-world game, Dragon Raja has provided players with an extraordinary and immersive world since its launch. The game offers maps with different natural scenery for each season, and also several maps that are based on real-world locations but infused with fantasy elements. In the latest update, the development team has created a magical and fantastical map that blends magic with classical elements. The map’s buildings were inspired by the world-famous Cambridge University, but the magical halos and floating buildings in the sky are like no place you know. Players can choose to ride their favorite motors or parkour through the floating buildings.

Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary

Dragon Raja’s familiar characters will lead the players to embark on new adventures

The Dragon Raja NPCs that have taken root the in players' hearts have become their true friends in their in-game life. The story has been continuously updated, leaving the players feeling deeply involved in this immersive plot. The launch of this new map will introduce the players to a brand-new storyline developing in Cambridge. The familiar NPCs will lead players on an unexpected adventure. Exciting stories will welcome the players into a new stage in the world of Dragon Raja.

Global Guild Event with a $20,000 Prize Pool

For the past three years, the support and understanding from players have continuously inspired the team to innovate. The players have also formed unique social circles among themselves. Having noticed this, the development team organized a series of highly profitable events for the community. A guild event with cash rewards will be launched, allowing players to earn cash rewards by inviting friends to play. The team will offer cash rewards of up to $20,000 to participating players as a way to give something for their contribution to the community.

High benefits motivate players creativity

The passion for creation among our players is an invaluable treasure for Archosaur Games. They have created drawings and videos, performed on live streams, written guides, they even surprised us with handicrafts and model making! The works they created continue to spread on different social platforms. The team will pay special attention to the players’ creations during this 3rd anniversary, and give even better rewards to the players who produce high-quality works. They also hope to inspire more of the players who enjoy the game to make it an inspiration for their own creations.

Visit Archosaur’s official website or follow Dragon Raja’s official Facebook page for more info.

Official Website: https://dragonraja.archosaur.com
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DragonRajaEN

Dragon Raja is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows.

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