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September 30, 2011 2 Editorials, Features

Drakensang Online already convinced us and more than a million players at the time of writing, so it must be doing something good. Actually, it does quite a few things well and it should be studied by other studios who… Read More »

September 17, 2011 3 Editorials, Features

Vindictus is an amazing free-to-play game that proves how thin the line between the F2P genre and retail games is getting. There are a lot of good ideas and work in this action MMORPG and most of them should be… Read More »

September 7, 2011 0 Editorials, Features

Dead Island is a recently released open-world action game that became worldwide famous due to the magnificent trailer where a family got to bit more than they could chew (pun intended). Although opinions are varied in regards to the overall… Read More »

September 6, 2011 1 Editorials, Features

Resistance 3 is out there and this is one of the most anticipated shooters of the year. Insomniac Games did a good job on the two previous games and they’re once again proving why the Resistance series is widely recognized… Read More »

January 5, 2011 0 Editorials, Features

e all love computer games and especially online ones. They are the reason we turn on our PCs after an exhausting day looking for a way to relax, the things we spent sometimes all our savings on, and of course…… Read More »

March 3, 2010 0 Editorials, Features

There was a time in our history when we thought that Europe, and later, America, were the leading powers of the world in mostly about anything, from military to art and from technology to culture. Unfortunately, reality showed us again… Read More »

March 3, 2010 0 Editorials, Features

Without a doubt, Internet brought computer games to a whole new level. With them, playing ceased to be a one-person activity and gamers were given a way to communicate, share their common passion for that game and of course, play… Read More »