Eversoul Gameplay Impressions | Best Waifu Collector Game?

Eversoul Gameplay Impressions | Best Waifu Collector Game?

Today I want to let you know about one of the best hero collector games of late, Eversoul. Released in early January, it stands as one of the top picks of the genre and an early contender to the best mobile hero collector game of the year. Published by renowned studio Kakao Games, this is a game that offers plenty of eye candy, with dozens of beautiful girls to recruit and assemble into a powerful party. As you can see from the showcased footage, it’s one that plays with the visuals in quite the compelling way, making you think twice or thrice about which Souls, as they are called, to recruit. Anyway, you can find the download link in the video description, so get the download started as I talk a bit more about the game.

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One of the things that fans of hero collector RPGs know all too well is the desire to reroll for the best characters – at least, in theory. In Eversoul there’s no need to go through all that excruciating reroll process of multi-instances, several login accounts and the like, as the devs have heard our cries – Eversoul is the rare game that allows for infinite 10-pulls until you find yourself pleased. Eversoul coupon codes are also handed out regularly and we have a list on our website, so don’t forget to check it out.

The Souls that you can summon are divided across six different factions, bringing unique skills and animations. As you would expect, you can do quite a few things to strengthen them, so long as you have the resources, of which there are several. The obvious move is leveling up a Soul, make sure that a handful of favorites are always at the highest possible level. Equipping keepsakes is another way of giving them a few boosts, with up to four mementos of various rarities per character. Ascending souls raises their level by consuming similar souls, and these are just a few examples on how to increase their strength, not to mention bonds and other things.

The auto battles allow you to pick one formation among several and swap your characters around. The formation types work differently according to your best souls, with ranged characters protected by strong tank characters, and by all accounts this is the part where you make or break a match. During battle, it’s mostly automatic and your interaction is limited to using normal and ultimate skills when the mana bar is full. I’m very glad that we have full 3D characters instead of the overused chibi renditions of usually terrific artwork, and in Eversoul the girls come with some truly stunning skill animations that are a joy to behold.

Eversoul has so much going on besides the main campaign that it’s easy to get lost amidst all the modes. From the enthralling Dimensional Labyrinth to all types of side-quests, there are many ways to earn resources. A surefire fan favorite is the Love Story event, where you get to take a girl out on a date. Each girl has several love stories to unlock, something you can do by increasing your bond with them through gifts and outings. The stories range from fun to exciting, and they’re absolutely worth experiencing. Chatting to the girls in the Evertalk app is another thing you will spend a lot of time on, as you discover their personalities in detail.

The town is another feature that will keep you entertained. It’s a little city builder with lots of possibilities, from deploying new buildings to meeting the girls or sending them into part-time jobs for extra resources. Finally, there’s the Arena for PvP battles and epic boss raids to tackle with your guildmates.

Apart from being a looker and having an exciting roster that catches the eye, Eversoul offers enough depth to keep you experimenting with lineups and returning every day for the login rewards. It’s a fun game that has a neat balance between idle strategy and interaction, and offers enough diversity to make sure you don’t get bored of the main story or get stuck for too long in one particular battle. As far as tactical hero collector RPGs go, it is one of the best that you can try right now for free on Android and iOS, so give it a go as everyone else seems to be doing. You can download the game using the link in the video description, have fun!

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