First Summoner: Strategy RPG high level gameplay and tips

First Summoner Strategy RPG

We have been enjoying First Summoner for a few weeks now and now have the chance to share with you some advanced gameplay and features from this summoning strategy RPG. If you want to step into the shoes of Rachel, you can do so by using the link in the video description.

As you may recall, First Summoner is a game where Rachel made a pact with the devil, granting her summoning abilities. Her journey will take her through several stages of increasing difficulty, with more and more impressive monsters to battle and recruit.

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First off, we decided to purchase a new outfit for Rachel. Her favorite weapon being a bow, the cupid costume made absolute sense. You unlock new monsters by completing levels or purchasing dark summon books with gems. First Summoner has five regions with nine levels each, culminating in a tough boss battle, as well as trial challenges. Upgrading Rachel and her monster cards is crucial to stand a chance against the tougher foes. After completing all the regions in normal difficulty, you unlock the hardship difficulty, and so on.

Snake’s Battlefield is the PvP mode in First Summoner. You have two game options, one of them to attack an opponent and the other one to defend yourself from another player’s assault. While attacking, you must defeat the hero standing on the Statue of Battle within the time limit. It isn’t as straightforward as it seems because in the middle of the arena you’ll find a Guardian Stone that you must destroy to ease things up. As you defeat the incoming minion hordes, you power up your fury gauge for a couple of buffs that can be activated as you wish.

First Summoner Strategy RPG Rachel costume

Defending is another matter entirely. You have a mana limit of 38 and must select cards around that. You can select or auto-setup both Rachel’s equipment and defense cards, but it’s highly recommended to do it manually.

And now for some of my preferred cards. The Skeleton Wyvern is right at the top of the list, with its fire-breathing ability dealing considerable damage to ground and airborne creatures. Combining it with one or two Troll Healers is a guarantee that it stays alive and dealing damage for long. The Succubus is extremely handy as well, being a melee airborne unit that flies to distant foes and takes them out first – considering that you get a massive amount of damage from long-range enemies, she is crucial in your strategy.

Legendary cards such as the Valkyrie and the Frozen King should be used as much as possible. They’re don’t consume that much mana and deal significant damage. Finally, a spell card or two is virtually impossible to dismiss, being gamechangers that help you take down the strongest foes or weaken the opposing forces. I like to go with the slow but really powerful burst arrow.

First Summoner Strategy RPG

After awakening for the second time, you unlock an item slot that is extremely useful. You can purchase mana or health potions with in-game currency, something that will make a world of difference when you are feeling overwhelmed on the battlefield.

First Summoner is a challenging and addictive mobile game that you truly play. There isn’t any sort of auto-combat mode, so it’s up to you and your skills to make the difference. There are several challenges and events rewarding you with cards, gear and materials, while achievements give you valuable diamonds. There is always some way to progress, and that is one of the things that makes us like First Summoner so much. Give it a try by signing up on the link below and have fun with your army of darkness.

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