Grand Cross: Age of Titans First Impressions

Grand Cross: Age of Titans First Impressions

Hi guys, and welcome to our first video on Grand Cross: Age of Titans, Netmarble’s upcoming strategy simulation game – you know, one of those called 4X games with massive worlds and large-scale battles on the ground, air, and sea. This first impression is based on the content that was available to us, with the following videos showing our exclusive gameplay, so sit back and let’s learn a bit more about the game as you dive into the open beta. You can find more information about it and play Grand Cross: Age of Titans right now by clicking the link in the video description as well.

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So, for starters, there doesn’t seem to be any connection between this game and Netmarble’s acclaimed The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – this game is potentially the first of many in Netmarble’s original IP. However, in Grand Cross: Age of Titans you will also find some truly stunning anime artwork, especially when you see that you have unique heroes to recruit and take into battle. This game goes for anime-stylized graphics that gives characters a cute and colorful look, but it’s still a very serious and in-depth game for strategy fans.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. So, Grand Cross: Age of Titans is coming to PC and Android, and the first open beta should be ongoing as we speak, running from June 30 through July 12 in the US, Korea, and Philippines. The global launch is scheduled for August 2023, so the waiting won’t be long.

Starting with the story, it tells us about Skyna, another dimension of the world that is on the verge of destruction. Two ordinary characters, Mio and Eugene, are summoned from the real world and search for Destina, the princess of the Kingdom of Skyna. Apparently, this is one of those wrong place and wrong time situations where the two students will try to discover a way back to Earth while still battling the forces of chaos, with hundreds of cutscenes and voice-overs in webtoon style.

The bulk of the game may be familiar to fans of the genre, since no one should mess around with tried-and-tested mechanics. Your initial focus will be on expanding your territory and growing your combat power as you progress through the initial story stages. Obtain heroes, items, buildings, and the like via the PvE missions that introduce you to the game world and pit you against some interesting forces. When you feel confident enough, create or join an alliance and you will be one step away from entering server wars.

Heroes are a crucial part of your army, each one with different active and passive skills, not to mention the very cool anime style that is always a major draw. You will surely enjoy the artwork from units such as Valkyrie, Kyla, and Elisha, among others, but in the end it’s their contribution to your army that will weigh the most in your decisions.

Troops are your next concern, as Grand Cross: Age of Titans has various unit types at your disposal, and it’s up to you to find the best combination with the heroes. You can train troops and upgrade them, making them obviously stronger and able to face harder challenges. Some of the troop highlights include archers, air units, and the Titan. This Titan is summoned to cause serious damage on enemy formations, with their size alone causing quite an impression.

In terms of gameplay progress, you have single player battles that will test your skills and combat power in campaign scenarios, but also the PvP combat that is mainly executed in World, Arena, and Castle War. Solo progress is naturally increasingly difficult, as you come up with new strategies and ideas to eliminate the enemies. You will have to face monsters and fortresses, something that you can do alone or with alliance members, as you expand your territory.

Castle War is considered a crucial part of the endgame of Grand Cross: Age of Titans, where the best players will stand out from the rest of them. In this dual-layered battle, your alliance will have to take their troop s to siege a castle, with land units, air units, and powerful monsters as a significant part of the battle. If the raid is successful, the leader of the alliance will occupy the royal castle and give all members various benefits.

These are our first impressions on Grand Cross: Age of Titans, a strategy game where the cute looks may be deceiving, as it seems to have a lot of depth to the gameplay loop. We’re eager to play it during the open beta, and so should every fan of the genre. Don’t forget that you can jump in by clicking the link in the video description and get to know the intricate mechanics right there before the rest of the players. We’ll be back soon with another look on the game, this time with our very own gameplay impressions. Have fun and we’ll see each other on the battlefield.

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