Grand Cross Age of Titans Starter Guide and Coupon Codes

Grand Cross Age of Titans Starter Guide

welcome to a new video on Grand Cross: Age of Titans, Netmarble’s latest anime strategy RPG. In the previous video I have covered topics such as leveling up structures, resources, and the importance of daily missions and alliances. Now I will expand on heroes and also touch upon the best starter tips. You can download the game for free from the link in the video description, follow our tips, and you’re ready for a great start. Read and watch our Grand Cross: Age of Titans starter guide right now, and grab the Grand Cross Age of Titans coupon codes from our updated list.

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Complete Daily Missions

Do not underestimate the guidance that you get from the simple act of completing the specific goals from daily missions. Not only you get the rewards that are listed from actions that end up being part of your organic growth, the more you complete each day, the more chests you can open for even more rewards. You have chapter, daily, alliance, and side missions to focus on, so never lose sight of them for that extra push.

Gather Resources Frequently

This one is a no brainer really. Don’t let your resources sit there for too long, try to collect them as much as you can and upgrade the buildings to produce even more resources. Since these are your fuel to expand the realm, do not ignore them – even if you think those millions are too much, you’ll soon be wondering where did it all go.

Take Advantage of the Events

Where can we get many rewards without much effort? Events, of course. When Grand Cross: Age of Titans launches and during the following days, you should get a wide variety of events to choose from, so focus on those a little bit every day and you will see the loot pile up. Most of them ask you to do something that either you were going to do anyway, or that is another enjoyable complement to the story, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

Always Go for the Castle Upgrades

When you want to expand your city, the best thing you can do is to guide yourself by the Castle progression. When you can use the extra building space – something you should do frequently when the building times start to be in the hours – this is great to have two buildings being worked on at the same time. The Castle works like the wall that prevents other structures from leveling up, so make this your priority – always.

Use the Trading Port Shop

If there’s a building that you should visit whenever it is open, that building is the Trading Port Shop. This is the place where you can find tons of resources and items selling for different currency types. The best thing about it is that you can use your surplus of resources to purchase other things such as hero XP and speed-ups, so it’s a case of giving this and taking that. In case you feel that the items don’t appeal to you, there’s a refresh button to bring up a new selection.

Level Up Your Heroes Wisely

Increasing your hero roster is great in many ways, because it also opens up new possibilities to perform better in different areas, from resource collection to combat. However, don’t make the mistake of wasting your precious XP scrolls in every single one you get – at one point I had 30 heroes, many of them already up a few levels, and I started regretting having done that.

Why? Because at the start of the game it seems that XP scrolls come hard and fast, but as you level up your heroes, you need more and more experience per level. That’s why you should only focus on your main three heroes or so for a few days, starting with the legendary tier if you have any of those, and you can quickly upgrade their skills and talents to a point where they end up being very important.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Starter Guide Video and Coupon Codes

Join an Alliance

Alliances are imperative; support your alliance every single day, including alliance war. Rally your troops and go into battle as growing your grasp and collecting the rewards is a major part in expanding your territory. In exchange for a small daily contribution from every member, everyone will get to claim a ton of rewards that are going to boost your power immensely.

Climb the Tower of Distress

The Tower of Distress is Grand Cross’ variation on the endless tower event, but obviously it isn’t endless. In each floor of increasing difficulty, you have a certain number of enemies to defeat, and the more you climb, the better the rewards. You’re going to face some roadblocks as you need to level up your combat power and heroes, but it’s not uncommon to climb a few floors at a time, so don’t miss out on the rewards. You can earn hero XP, summon scrolls, hero shards, and more, which I’m sure you agree that it is pretty valuable loot.

Go for the Arena

Since we’re talking rewards, the Arena is another great place to gain some precious items. This PvP mode is straightforward, pitting you against other players who are trying to climb the ranks; the higher you can go, the better the rewards. Summon scrolls, XP, speed boosts, and more are waiting for you, but don’t go in blindly with your five daily tickets. Make sure that you compare your power and ranking with the available selection of opponents and pick one that is within reach. At one point you’re likely to see players that are way above your level, so make sure you use the refresh button to see if you can find someone who is more accessible. Obviously, use manual fighting if you feel like the battle is going to be a close one.

Use Coupon Codes

This one may sound obvious, but not every player is aware that a Grand Cross: Age of Titans coupon code system is available, especially if the codes remain exclusively redeemable outside of the game. Whenever Netmarble decides to drop a coupon code, grab it and exchange it immediately, unless you want to pass out on some cool items to give you a nice boost. Codes may be bound to a limited number of uses or an expiration date – or both –, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t delay the claim.

Remember that a perfect start is very important in this game, so don’t delay it. Try to join as many launch events as you can, including the ally event, and many in-game rewards will come your way. Download Grand Cross: Age of Titans from the link below, follow our tips from this video and our previous starter guide, and have fun in this adventure!

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