Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tips and Tricks Starter Guide

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tips and Tricks

Netmarble’s new game Grand Cross: Age of Titans is going to launch globally soon, and we got into early access to see how the game works and how appealing it is to fans of strategy RPG with an anime touch. Pre-registration should be live as we speak with tons of rewards for the global launch, and if you enjoy your 4X genre as much as we do, don’t waste any time and why don’t you grab our Grand Cross: Age of Titans coupon code while you’re at it. Check all the good links in the video description and get prepared for a great journey, as I give you some important Grand Cross: Age of Titans tips and tricks.

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With base building mechanics and strategies that are familiar to fans of the genre, this adventure comes with a videogame twist, as the main characters realize that they have just entered a popular videogame, Skyna the Brave. But is this world what they think it is? You must play this game and follow the many webtoon cutscenes to discover. This is an interesting background and quite unique for a strategy game, but I’ll try not to spoil it much.

Today I’m going to give you a tour on the game, showcasing the overall mechanics and telling you what to do to get a great start. Mistakes were made, troops got hurt, but I believe that I have nailed the basics and I want to share it with you.

This is a game with a strong focus on base building and resource management, so your first goal is to get the main structures going. Your castle is the one that oversees the whole kingdom, which means that everything should work around it – always upgrade your castle whenever you can and follow the chain of building requirements that is displayed in the upgrade menu. This is the most direct way to level up, but for that you will need four basic resources: food, wood, stone, and sometime later, gold.

As soon as you can, get those farms, quarries, and sawmills going. The more resources you have, the easier it will be to upgrade your kingdom. Build extra structures of the kind when they open to you, and collect the resources whenever you can, also not forgetting to have the storage ready to keep them safe.

You may find it more profitable to follow the game’s directions from the chapter and mission lists. Every time you reach a certain goal, you earn various resources and other rewards, so this is something to do daily. Without much effort, you’re going to grab valuable items to keep your progress going smoothly.

To gain resources faster, you should improve the Economy research areas in your Academy. This is an objective to work in tandem with structure upgrades, as it will benefit you in the short term, eventually piling up on the resources.

Through simple activities you will see your VIP points increase. Yes, there is VIP in this game, but I am yet to invest in it and by merely playing, I am already at VIP 4 and earning very good daily rewards. Focus on this as much as you can, because the added bonuses are fantastic to have.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tips and Tricks Starter Guide

Don’t forget to frequently check the Merchant building, as this place is an incredible trading outpost. When you need something such as hero experience, resources, speed ups, summons, and more, you can find great deals here. You can even trade some of your resource surplus for other items, so it’s really a steal most of the time!

And now a small break for the Grand Cross: Age of Titans coupon code. You can see it right now, and here’s briefly how you claim it – the full instructions are in the video description. Launch the game and click on your avatar, then go to settings; find your player ID at the bottom and copy it. Then, go to the redeem page and enter it, select your character and paste the coupon code. That’s it, find the brand-new 10 summons in your in-game mail.

But Grand Cross isn’t just about peaceful gathering, there’s a very important battle component as well. As your combat power grows, you will be able to expand your territory by rescuing soldiers and entering in battles that again bring you nice rewards. Don’t forget to keep a constant supply of troops coming from your training grounds, as these will be a great help to your heroes in combat.

Speaking of heroes, these truly cute anime characters are one of my favorite things in the game. They come in different tiers from Legendary to Uncommon, and in little over a week I have managed to collect nearly 30 already, including three legendaries, so it seems the drop rate isn’t bad. I’m going to cover heroes and battles in more detail in a follow-up video though, so let’s see what else you can focus on for now.

Alliances, of course! Joining an alliance is crucial to go places, and the more committed to winning it is, the better it will be for your performance. Donating some resources to the alliance, joining in territory capture, assisting fellow players, and contributing to research is going to pay back in full, with gifts galore every day. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of active and focused alliance, as the amount of resources and other items you can claim is impressive.

This should cover the basics of Grand Cross: Age of Titans for a new player, but a lot was left unsaid. I’ll cover other aspects such as heroes, battles, world exploration, and more in the next video. In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-register so that you don’t miss the rewards and various events that are coming with the official launch. I’ll see you soon.

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