Guns Up Mobile Gameplay First Impressions

Guns Up Mobile First Impressions

Guns Up Mobile is the adaptation of the successful free-to-play game for PC and PS4. This time we’re going into tiny tactical warfare in our portable devices with all the cartoonish and outlandish fun that this game can provide. Watch our Guns Up Mobile first impressions below.

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So, Guns Up Mobile can be described as a Tower Defense game, but I’m more inclined to call it a Tower Offense game, if that makes any sense. That’s because you will spend most of your time sending your little troops in missions against other players, trying to reach and destroy their outposts. Granted, there’s also the other half where you must fend off attacking forces, and that’s where the defense bit comes from. All of this is mixed with a bit of base building to make for a strategic game that is surprisingly funny when you step into the battlefield.

Controlling your troops is a simple affair, mostly because you don’t have direct control over your soldiers. You summon them and watch as they make their way to the enemy’s outpost, but you act as their Commander, calling out for reinforcements and special attacks that will keep your troops and vehicles going at a steady pace. The matches unfold in a side-scrolling perspective, and you are free to check the entire terrain so that you may plan ahead.

Guns Up Mobile has a strong focus on PvP, but the asynchronous kind. For the uninitiated, this means that you’re not facing your rival in real-time, but a version of his setup that is available for you to engage with, even if he is offline. Many games use this approach where you must organize your defenses so that they are robust enough to make a stand against different player strategies and army lineups. Easier said than done, but as you level up, you’ll get new soldiers, equipment, and skills, paving the way for a wide range of possibilities.

This type of PvP raid is at the heart of Guns Up Mobile, but you unlock many other modes as your base evolves, some of them suited for true single-player mayhem. One of the funniest is the Zombies mode, where your soldier tent is stranded in the middle of a decidedly not creepy forest graveyard and you must help them fight back an unexpected zombie invasion. With zombie hordes coming left and right, you must time your special attacks perfectly to slow them down as your soldiers relentlessly shoot their weapons. Smoke grenades will make everyone stop to a halt and cough like there’s no tomorrow, rotten zombies included, because apparently their lungs still function properly, against all odds. Missiles will throw your enemies up in the air in a very enjoyable ragdoll-like physics display, while focus fire will ask your soldiers to concentrate their efforts on a specific target. More abilities are unlocked as you level up your Engineering building, and the same goes for the Vehicles, this time with the Vehicle Station.

Guns Up Mobile First Impressions

You can level up your soldiers and equip them with varied types of gear, in a tried-and-tested system that requires some time to fully get going and turn your army into a powerhouse. This is mostly seen in your base upgrading, as you need resources such as gold, munitions, and special builder items to level up a structure. By now you should be familiar with the way it works, with daily login rewards, achievements, and the like to keep you coming back for more. Thankfully, the game is fun enough to make us return, despite some grind for resources that you may or may not want to speed up via the in-game store.

The gameplay is very enjoyable, mostly due to the excellent touchscreen controls. You have full command over calling your soldiers and scrolling the screen, and the special abilities are especially fun to use, with the battle slowing down for you to pick the location of the firebomb attack, for example. Since there are many different layouts and challenges ahead, at times there’s a feeling of puzzle game that goes perfectly with the design and tight controls.

I can’t stress enough how enjoyable I find the battles. Everything looks so good, from the backgrounds to the tiny soldiers that are animated in the smoothest way possible, and you’re going to spend some time looking at details such as the grenadier reloading, or the way that they jump out of the truck. The explosions and fire look really cool, just as the rest of the visual effects, including the weapon muzzle flash. Guns Up Mobile looks great in your phone, with an art style that reminds me of the old Amiga classic Cannon Fodder, but evolved.

Guns Up Mobile is a really fun game with a fairly unique concept that doesn’t get tiring. It does require some grinding to unlock advanced alliance modes and evolve your base, but if you devote yourself to the fun gameplay a bit every day, time will fly, and so will tiny soldier enemies and zombies in cool ragdoll fashion.

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