How to Play Call of Dragons on PC and Redeem Codes

Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons (play free on PC here) is a new strategy game for Android and iOS developed by studio Farlight, a company with ties to the makers of the colossal hit Rise of Kingdoms. With such a pedigree and once again with its roots deeply grounded in the city-builder genre, Call of Dragons isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but it does aspire at delivering a terrific experience for fans of this type of gameplay. After a few hours trying it out, we can safely confirm that it is an excellent game, extremely polished and very engaging. And we also have a Call of Dragons gift codes list for you to check out.

Playing this one on an Android emulator running on PC such as Bluestacks is the usual way to enjoy it to the most. Call of Dragons has great graphics, and the large computer monitor allows players to fully appreciate the small sprites and the detail put into every building, tree, or other elements in the game world.  The animations are incredibly fluid, cities are brimming with life, and the colors are bright and lively, or at least in the case of the elven faction, the one I selected from the five available: noble Elves, mighty Orcs, wily Satyrs, wise Treants, majestic Forest Eagles and otherworldly Celestials.

How to Play Call of Dragons on PC and Redeem Codes

The cartoon heroes in Call of Dragons are nothing short of beautiful. Sure, you have to appreciate the art style that favors extremely slim characters and buff grunts with a clear disregard for normal proportions, but this makes them feel like out of a cartoon, and the short summon cutscenes can be both impressive and hilarious. There’s no doubt that Call of Dragons looks amazing, and the art style deserves a lot of praise.

Heroes are not simply to use in battle, they are individualities that long for your trust. By increasing a hero’s trust by talking to them or offering gifts, they will reward you with new events, stories, and some secrets. You can see the cute tiny hero models moving around in your city, tap on them to give gifts or have a chat and they will eventually shower you with cool resources. It’s fun to see their unique stories with dialogue options and voice work, another proof that Call of Dragons isn’t your cookie-cutter low-budget game.

As a strategy game, other thing that is a major improvement by playing on an emulator is that you can use the mouse and keyboard as in any other PC game specifically designed for this platform. Ordering the units and building the base is a million times better with this degree of control, so it’s something that a mobile experience will never be able to achieve. You can customize your controls for each function, but in truth, most games in Bluestacks including Call of Dragons already come with predefined keybinds, saving you the effort.

Call of Dragons

Eventually, as your city grows, you will join a guild and venture into the wild territory. Attacking other cities and entering into full-on wars is something on the horizon, but make sure that you have summoned enough heroes and leveled them up, paired them with good artifacts for additional power boosts, and have many troops available before that. Obviously, each building will take more time to upgrade as it levels up, a mechanic that is part of this genre, but thankfully there are other activities to engage within the game.

Call of Dragons is a beautiful and clever real-time strategy game that will surely appeal to fans of Rise of Kingdoms and similar titles. It’s best played on PC, for example using Bluestacks, to enjoy it more. Either way, give it a shot if you like the genre, check the Call of Dragons gift codes, and enjoy what is one of the best mobile strategy games right now.

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