How to Play Viking Rise on PC – Exclusive Coupon Code

How to Play Viking Rise on PC – Exclusive Coupon Code

Viking Rise is the latest game from IGG, a developer with a long history of strategy games, quite a few of them hits among the genre fans, including the inevitable Lords Mobile. Not wanting to mess with a formula that works, Viking Rise takes the fight to Norse mythology, in a land filled with Vikings, tribes, and mythical heroes. Here is how to play Viking Rise on PC and we also have an exclusive Viking Rise gift code for you.

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How to Play Viking Rise on PC

How to Play Viking Rise PC

Viking Rise is available for Android and iOS, but as it usually goes, we advise you to enjoy the game using an Android emulator on PC such as Bluestacks. Being a real-time strategy game, any gamer used to the genre will prefer keyboard and mouse control over touchscreen commands, as the former is infinitely more precise and effective when wanting to select small buildings, units, or items. Furthermore, you can appreciate the nice graphics with all the workers and heroes moving around in a much better way thanks to the bigger monitor screen, as the game can be quite a looker.

In terms of mechanics, Viking Rise doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s a familiar gameplay loop where you expand your village with new buildings, stretch your boundaries, and try to conquer neighboring settlements. Between gathering resources, upgrading your structures, and unlocking new types of warriors, you have a lot to keep you occupied.

How to Play Viking Rise PC

Each unit adds combat power to your tribe, and you can also level up your commander, starting with a predefined one but with more coming soon. Throughout your adventure you may help and recruit other commanders to join your tribe, but Viking Rise also offers the traditional summon system, usually known as gacha, giving you a significant power boost. At regular intervals you get to bring an additional commander into your army, creating a balanced and powerful force that will be required to take on other villages. Sentry towers are the mandatory way to explore new territory – as your tribe conquers each one, the fog of war suddenly dissipates, and you get to see new points of interest nearby.

Naturally, the bigger your village – or should we say villages – grows, the longer it will take for each upgrade to run. Viking Rise doesn’t try to escape from the usual timer and speed boost method, something that possibly has as many fans as it has detractors. This leads to the guild gameplay, as you join a tribe and try to prosper by exploring the vast world, discovering more resources and stronger foes, but also better rewards. Eagles are the best way to explore the land and learn where valuable loot is waiting for the taking. On the other hand, enemy tribes will be on the lookout and won’t hesitate to attack weaker players, when the time for player versus player warfare finally arrives.

How to Play Viking Rise PC

There’s clearly some care put into Viking Rise, from the building design to the full 3D heroes that you summon. But it all gets better with details such as night and day, and weather effects such as snow. It’s interesting to watch your men moving around and training, especially if you are playing on a big screen.

Using Bluestacks to play Viking Rise on PC is the best choice, as you don’t have to worry about battery consumption, for example, and you can alternate with your smartphone when you go outside by linking the account. This is a familiar but enjoyable game for fans of strategy, even more if you have previously enjoyed Lords Mobile.

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