Immortal Rising Global Anniversary Gameplay Impressions

Immortal Rising Global Anniversary

Welcome to Immortal Rising, a game that we have covered in the past and that is now celebrating its first global anniversary! So, happy anniversary then, but as it usually happens, it’s the players that get the gifts. This game is available for Android and iOS, has extremely positive reviews and offers a stylish take on the idle action RPG genre. Check the link in the description for the download and additional info, but before that watch this video as we’ll give you more details on it, especially if you’re a new player.

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In Immortal Rising, you control your immortal since the very first steps, as you slay monsters of various shapes and sizes, left and right, not a moment of respite. When you feel prepared, you can take on the level boss, but this clash isn’t just more difficult, there’s a tight time limit for you to defeat it, or you lose the battle.

The idle part of the game is so deceiving, as I’ve come to notice after several hours of playing. Instead of simply watching your immortal fight in a very stylized universe, you will in fact be tweaking countless attributes and enhancements, and if you think that you can take a break, well… you can’t. While you can set your immortal to auto-fight – and you absolutely must – the rest of the game has so many options, so much stuff to do that fighting almost becomes an accessory to the adventure.

I’m tempted to say that Immortal Rising is a warrior management sim, since you have to take care of every detail of your character, including pets, active and passive skills, charms, weapons of different tiers, collect countless rewards for almost everything that you do, and upgrade your abilities and trait points to levels that other games can only dream of, easily in the several thousands. Having an attack level of over two thousand sounds appealing? You have it here.

Despite feeling like a solo game, Immortal Rising has several features that push it into PvE and PvP territory. From raids to the arena or even guild wars, there is a lot more to do besides the normal push through the mobs and onto the area boss. Join the guild war to win rewards, or simply cheer on the team you think is going to win for other rewards.

Immortal Rising global anniversary gameplay

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You can get many rewards simply by logging in every day, earn tons of items in AFK mode, and there are always several events running that offer you lots of stuff to upgrade your immortal, most of the time things that you would end up doing anyway, so take advantage of it. But now it gets even better as the first global anniversary celebration brings a specific event split across various options, from monster kill count to login check, quests, free items, and a couple of luck mini-games with neat prizes. This event is bound to run for a full month, so don’t waste any time and grab as many prizes as you possibly can.

A mention is due to the visual style of the game, which is very original and flashy, quite in your face if that makes any sense, with all the skill effects providing plenty of things to look at. Your character, the immortal, is nicely designed in a complete white style, same as your pets, fighting the dark silhouettes of the monsters – I’d risk saying there’s some subtext to this, and a very easy one to grasp.

The UI may look a bit cluttered, but it’s an understanding compromise since there are a lot of things to pay attention to, and in the smaller phone screens you must have enough room to tap things without doing any mistake. You’ll get used to it in no time, and the whole thing will feel intuitive and fast to use.

The idle game genre may be targeted at players who want some hands-off experience, but Immortal Rising is half idle, half full control. You can play it both ways, watching your immortal reap rewards, and jump in whenever you feel it’s time to give him a massive stat boost and get ready for more challenges such as the arena and guild wars. Personally I’m a fan of all game types, and this one is no exception, and it comes with this addictive factor that keeps you going and going, just a few more levels, just one more boss.

This is a great time to jump into Immortal Rising, you don’t want to miss out on all those anniversary rewards and give your hero a boost right from the start. Grab the game from the link in the description and collect those event rewards while you can, and I’ll see you in-game.

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