Immortal Rising Global Launch Impressions

Immortal Rising Global Launch Impressions

Welcome to a new video covering Immortal Rising, the latest game from prolific developer Mobirix. Fitting into the popular genre called idle RPG, this is a brutal game with extreme action and ultra-stylish dark fantasy graphics in an original background. It’s fast and furious, almost hypnotic even, but your goal is to level up your light warrior as he fights against the relentless dark hordes.

Released globally on March 14 and already with over 600,000 downloads worldwide, it is surely making some waves, and there are a few events going on right now that will give you tons of rewards in no time, including epic gear and the much-desired diamonds! The download link is in the video description, get it going as we start talking about the game and even point you in the direction of an Immortal Rising coupon codes list.

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So, Immortal Rising fits into the genre called idle RPG or AFK RPG, an extremely popular segment of mobile games that appeals to players who want addictive and quickly rewarding games, which keep the loot coming even when offline. In this game you can have in-depth interaction with everything regarding your warrior, including combat details and strategies, but let’s face it – that auto-battle option isn’t there just for show. Truth is that the game plays at such a frenzied pace that it is designed to keep you free from the action part, as your character takes down enemies and collects loot at a frantic rate.

Don’t be mistaken – you will resort to manual combat every once in a while, especially during some tougher boss fights or special item dungeons, or when stepping into the raids. The visual show may be catchy, but it’s more important to take out the bosses before the timer runs out, because you have a countdown to watch out for besides your health, both resulting in death if depleted.

For the rest of the time, you will doing what I like to call warrior management. Let me explain: you have a vast amount of options to take care of, as in a management sim, except your warrior is your focus. The most obvious part is the amount of loot you gain, whether you are online or offline, from gold to gems, enhance stones that you can use to upgrade some of your traits, and much more. But weapons earned from bosses or from the summon feature is something else that you will need to keep pushing those levels – and you will devour levels, as you can reach level 200 in a few hours if you play your cards right.

There is a plethora of melee and ranged weapons to use, upgrade, and enhance, coupled with active and passive skills that boost your combat abilities in several ways. Some special equipment such as charms and runes can only be acquired by going through the respective dungeons, but once you finish one you have the option for an instant run, the so-called blitz, to grab the rewards instantly. The idea of idle gaming versus tons of stuff to micro-manage is at the core of Immortal Rising, which means that there’s an intrinsic competitiveness in the game that is seen through the guild play, PvP, and player ratings, with the top three players prominently featured in the main menu, as if a champion showcase.

Anyway, just a quick mention to the pet feature, as you won’t be alone in your combat. You can also summon these creatures and they will provide some very decent support fire. However, you need regular supplies of meat to level them up and copies to enhance them, but you surely know how it goes.

As you can see, calling Immortal Rising an AFK game is a bit misleading, as the core gameplay requires plenty of micro-management and some complicated choices. If you like the genre and you’re familiar with what Mobirix has offered before, then you know this is a studio with a regular delivery of quality games, and this one is no exception. Let yourself bask in the very stylish visuals and awesome skill effects, and watch those levels rise.

I’m going to end this video with the Immortal Rising coupon code that was released with the global launch just in case you’re a new player or completely missed it. Grab the awesome in-game rewards from this code and get your warrior off to a great start in this idle RPG.

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