K.O.S. – Secret Operations exclusive interview

K.O.S. – Secret Operations is a new free FPS game from YNK Interactive. The first thing that stands out about it is the use of the Source Engine, the same from Half-Life 2 and Portal. Free MMO Station spoke with Sam Kim, Project Manager of the DontBlynk portal for YNK Interactive to know more about K.O.S. and what's next. Read on for some revelations.

Can you introduce yourself and your role on K.O.S.?

My name is Sam Kim, Project Manager of the DontBlynk portal for YNK Interactive.

What is the storyline behind K.O.S.?

It is December 14, 2012…

Kim Jong-Il, the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, has just been reported missing. Rumors of kidnapping, defection, even assassination begin to spread across the news wires. Having recently signed a financial aid agreement with six other nations in exchange for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, his disappearance has immediate global security and economic significance.

The subsequent disarmament of North Korea had been the lynchpin to any sort of stability in the East, and many parts of the West. But now North Korea, under new military leadership and fearing their beloved Chairman has been captured and/or killed by an enemy, mobilizes their defenses and reopens nuclear facilities, nullifying the multi-national treaty they had signed earlier in the year. Following suit, all nations within missile range of North Korea leap into action, securing borders and deploying forces to defend themselves against the possible threat.

In the wake of retracting their nuclear disarmament vow, North Korea’s new leadership determines that they must resume their nuclear program both for defense, and to continue to receive financial aid from China and Russia, their only remaining allies.

The escalation has begun.

What makes K.O.S. stand out from other free-to-play MMO first-person shooters?

There are many free-to-play MMO FPS games that you can play. What stands out is that K.O.S. was the first free-to-play FPS to use the Source engine.

• Specs are set low so that virtually any PC can run the game.
• There is new setting option that allows a great deal of game setting customization.
• The AI bots have various difficulty settings.
• A pro system mode where you can bet in game cash on matches and built in clan system and rankings.

Can you tell us about the game modes and maps?

There are two different modes of game play. “Destroy or Be Destroyed” is a mode where teams will either try to destroy the bombsite by planting C4 at the specified areas or defend the site by making sure the enemy does not plant the bomb. “Team Death Match” is when teams will battle it out to get the most kills. Currently we have 19 maps where players can battle.

You recently released the expansion Reload For Chaos. What was the main goal behind the development of this expansion?

We are constantly updating K.O.S from feedback from the players. They are the ones that play and understand what needs to be improved. So with the feedback from the players we made major updates to game settings, new items, maps and much more. With this we hope to keep the game fresh and enjoyable at all times. And hopefully our main goal is to be the best FPS on the market.

Are you excited with the way the K.O.S. player base is growing? Is it according to your expectations?

Yes, we are very pleased with the player base and growth that we have seen. Every day we are seeing growth in the game. We are constantly having events with great prizes for the players. So we encourage your readers to join K.O.S.

What’s next for K.O.S. in the next months?

An exclusive I can give you is we are introducing a new female character to the game. Her codename will be announced soon so be sure to check our website for updates.

A little background on the character for your readers — She was first served as a combat instructor and counter-intelligence operative in the Israeli Defense Forces before moving on to exclusively counter terrorist operations under MOSSAD before her transfer to K.O.S. She is highly skilled in the use of knives as her primary defense weapon during under cover and clandestine work. She is also an exceptionally skilled explosives and grenades expert. The weapon of choice is the Israeli-made UZI SMG which is compact, light weight but has a high rate of fire for extreme close quarter encounters. This character will bring a different dynamic to the game.

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