King’s Raid X : Rebellion Gameplay Impressions

King's Raid X : Rebellion Gameplay Impressions

Welcome to your new crush, Hilda, Spear of Dawn. She is the latest hero to join King’s Raid and the highlight of the X : Rebellion update, and you can get her for free! This expansion adds chapter 10 to one of the most popular hero collector RPGs, one that you may also recognize due to its oh-so attractive cast. Rebellion is live since late August and brings the first major story update after Kasel turned into the Dark Lord, while increasing the hero level cap to 100. If you’re a King’s Raid veteran or willing to jump into this adventure, you can play King’s Raid for free right now, the link is in the video description.

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Let’s take a closer look at Hilda, because free heroes are cool, and she is a fierce warrior of magic attributes. She originates from the Technomagic Kingdom and her story is intrinsically tied to the new Technomagic gear, which is the new gear tier introduced with the Rebellion update. You can start fiddling with the new gear when you enter Valance’s Workshop on chapter 10. This is where you can identify, reforge, enhance, restore, and even craft Technomagic gear, taking your team’s power into a whole new level.

But let’s go back to Hilda and how you can get her to join your team. Thanks to a new special hero dungeon, you can learn Hilda’s backstory and recruit her in little to no time. As you progress in this new dungeon, you also earn material that you can offer Hilda as a gift, unlocking various types of rewards as you climb levels. Needless to say, you’re going to need her and every help that you can get in order to face the new foes in chapter 10, the most challenging yet in King’s Raid. A 10-day attendance event is going to give every player a few valuable rewards, culminating in the Unique Weapon Awakening Transfer Ticket.

Hilda is duty-bound to the frontlines, so you must maximize her damage and attack rate. Some of her skills include the Void Whirlwind, Void Strike, and the passive Void Frenzy, among others. As every King’s Raid fan knows, there is so much going on behind the scenes that you must have a throughout knowledge of each hero’s skills and talents to create a winning team. To make the best of Hilda – and other heroes, for that matter – you must keep a close eye on cooldown times, mana recovery, and Transcendance perks, among other things.

It’s crucial to unlock Hilda’s four unique treasures (Sweet Dreams, Present of an Intruder, Everlasting Longing, and Tagalong Number 12), as well as her soul weapon, Unleashed Dreams of an Artificial God, Innocentia, which increases both her attack and heal rate. It’s easier said than done and it’s going to take a bit of time, but the payoff will be completely worth it, as Hilda has the kind of leading skills that any team could do with to pierce the enemy front. As always, make sure that you keep a Priest unit around, because there’s nothing like being close buddies with someone who excels at healing and mana recovery.

 Visually speaking, Hilda comes with her default techno-fantasy outfit, which is pretty amazing and filled with details. So far, she only has one alternative costume, the tempting Beachside Hilda. I can see it quickly becoming one of the most desired outfits in King’s Raid.

The Rebellion update also brings three new raids in the Technomagic Kingdom raid. This is the best place to acquire Technomagic Gear, as long as you are confident enough that you can face powerful creatures such as three-headed dragon-serpent Galgoria, Ascalon, or Sigfried.

The X Rebellion update is an absolute treat for die-hard King’s Raid fans in need of more. More challenges, more gear, and a new free hero. There’s a lot going on in this game and Vespa is already teasing more additional content, so hang in there, guys.

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