Kritika Reboot Level 75 Update Gameplay Impressions

Kritika Reboot Level 75

Welcome to a first look on the brand-new update that is coming to Kritika Reboot really soon. This video is brought to you with the support of the Kritika team, who kindly allowed us to dive into the Korean version of the free-to-play action brawler to discover the upcoming content. What’s so special about it, I hear you ask? Well, let me count the ways that Kritika fans can put their hard-hitting classes to great use, including the newest Flame Striker, right up to the new level 75 cap. But before that, you know how it goes – the link in the video description is your gateway into a world filled with punches, kicks, and flaming swords. Oh, and free coupons for everyone as well, including costumes, premium service, and support packs. Go grab’em right now!

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The highlight of this update, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the level cap increase. Previously capped at level 70, you can now participate in dozens of new quests and enjoy new endgame challenges. Level 75 is the new cap, so if you’re a new Kritika Reboot veteran or a returning player you should have enough time to level up your character. The official release date of the new update for western players is October 21, 2020, plenty of time to speedrun some dungeons without looking back and hit level 70 to get in shape for the new dungeons.

As soon as the update launches and you open up the world map, you’ll notice a new location to the far right. This is the new Mana Fall Village, a region that is only available to the best Kritika players. The first time that you step foot on it you’ll be caught in the middle of a massive battle, and you have to cooperate and help the defense robots against the invaders. After a few minutes, peace reigns again and you get to explore the new village without a care in the world.

The design of the Mana Fall Village is in tune with the other regions in Kritika Reboot. It’s a short and confined circular area that takes little time exploring in full, but there are many NPCs around ready to offer you all kinds of quests. You also have all the familiar functions such as the salvaging machine, a handy contraption that fans of the game know and love so well. The entrance to the village is made via a gigantic stairway, making it a somewhat secret and mystical place surrounded by mountains, temples, and a beautiful waterfall to turn it into quite a picturesque landscape.

Kritika Reboot Level 75 Mana Fall Village gameplay

As you can see, there are a few high-level players around, with cool outfits and pets. There’s lions and even a block robot thingy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the art style in Kritika isn’t the most detailed in the market nowadays, but it is capable of standing the test of time and the characters remain very attractive after several years.

There are 10 new level 75 stages that will challenge you to the max. After facing new creatures that drain your energy in the blink of an eye if you’re careless, you’ll have to face an intimidating and resourceful boss, as it always happens. There’s an elf equipped with a polearm that is going to give you a run for your money, a rock golem that is an adept of the spin to win tactic, a celestial being with a knack for playing with laser beams, and a few more.

Among the additions there are things such as a new Soul system, which enables you to obtain additional stats and new skills. Another innovation is the Essence system, allowing you to apply essence to equipment and add skill options that reflect your play style. The new highest tier Heaven is introduced with this update, and there was an overall character balance and ability renewal.

This is a hands-on summary of the level 75 Kritika Reboot update, which is coming to the global version by late October. As always, the game download link is in the video description, and I’ll see you next time.

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