Legend of Ymir Impressions – Mir 4 But With More Ragnarok

Legend of Ymir Impressions

Welcome to our impressions for Legend of Ymir, one of the games that we’re the most excited about. I can say that it’s a somewhat low profile game for most of you, but I’m willing to bet that there’s a significant crowd out there that is eagerly waiting for it as well. That game is the new MMORPG from Wemade, makers of Mir 4, a game where I’ve easily spent over 2000 hours. And no, it wasn’t because of the Darksteel or the promises of riches, but more due to it being a very solid MMO with a lot going for it. And that’s how Legend of Ymir appears, as some sort of Nordic spin-off with tremendous potential.

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Back to Legend of Ymir, which was revealed in a tech demo back in 2022, it impressed by the detail on this one character and the location, showcasing the use of Unreal Engine 5. After over a year of radio silence, a cool cinematic video was released, and eventually we also got the first gameplay. But first of all, the release is confirmed for 2024 and it’s coming for PC, Android, and iOS.

This rendition of Mir in a fantasy setting is going to follow the traditional approach, with a main story and PvP combat, including siege battles, and the idea is to include NFT and blockchain technology, or at least it was, because there hasn’t been much talk about this aspect and we all know how that topic isn’t as strong or popular as it was. This is a controversial aspect, already was in Mir 4, but even so it shouldn’t be something to put you off from at least trying the game, considering that it is likely to be free as well.

One of the things that I mostly enjoyed in Mir 4 was the character control, especially on PC. It felt solid and weighty, jumping and flying around was a true delight. The latest gameplay video seems to share a similar control style, and despite the enhanced graphics, it apparently doesn’t go as far as drastically changing the basics of movement. In visual terms, it looks like an evolution of Mir 4 mixed with Black Desert, which is by far one of the current standards of the genre, so definitely not a bad thing to say.

Legend of Ymir gameplay

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Combat is something that shouldn’t have changed that much. Sure, we’re only speculating for now, but based on the videos we’re not going for a full action system like Black Desert, instead settling for the same tab-target mechanics with a bit of mobility thrown it for good measure. It’s not going to be strictly based on skill, and we’re betting that the combat power rating, feared by many, is going to make a comeback here, but finding an MMO where your gear isn’t contributing to a certain character power level is nearly impossible anyway.

The gameplay video showed a few seconds of mining, so this may be where the blockchain technology comes in, and this is merely speculation. As Mir 4 players recall, some very dangerous zones of the map had the valuable Darksteel, and Legend of Ymir should have its precious materials as well. That is what all players will be fighting for as soon as they reach a certain level, and it should be a resource that is used for upgrading your gear as well, tying into this loop that is impossible to escape from.

I’m not expecting Legend of Ymir to be a revolution in the genre, to break away from some conventional MMO mechanics or to be significantly different from current games; I’m seeing it as an evolution of Mir 4, a northern European take on that game with many elements that carry from one into the other. Wemade is keeping hush-hush on the game, so we’re yet to know if there’s going a simultaneous global release or not, which would be fun to have. Personally, I’m very curious to see how the game fares and how the play-to-earn mechanics are implemented in this one. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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