Legendino Dinosaur Battle Review and Coupon Codes List

Legendino Dinosaur Battle Review

Today I’m here to tell you about Legendino Dinosaur Battle, a game where… dinosaurs battle. You wouldn’t have guessed it, right? You’re welcome, see you guys next time… Nah, I’m joking, I have a lot to say about the latest release from Super Planet, makers of acclaimed games such as Evil Hunter Tycoon and Sword Master Story. This video is sponsored but I’m happy to give you my honest opinion, and the best I can say is that it reminds me of Pokémon. That is always a good thing, you’ll probably agree. We also have an exclusive coupon code to get you started on the right foot, or should I say the right claw. Keep reading or watching for the Legendino Dinosaur Battle Review and gift code list.

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So, dinosaurs are the main attraction in Legendino. No, they’re not dragons, as some have mistakenly called them, they’re dinosaurs. It’s in the name, guys! This game is mind-blowing in its simplicity and execution, usually the formula for addictive games, having released globally a few days ago, allowing you to join real-time battles against players all over the world. There are 13 languages to choose from at launch, something that isn’t very usual, so everybody  should find their comfort spot.

Before I go into details, I must emphasize that you get some cool account creation rewards. This pack includes 50,000 Gold, 1,000 Gemstone, 100 Dino Food, and Four-Star Mag Junior Fire dino. It should be enough for you to summon dinos up to four times, and if you’re lucky you can start the game with an evolvable team of four-star dinosaurs – the highest level is 5-stars, so this is a great initial boost.

Other events will get you to the desired 5-star dinosaur – after seven days, the attendance event will reward you with that dino, and leveling up any dino to level 50 earns you 1,000 Gemstones.

So, this means that the sooner you get into Legendino, the stronger and more diverse your dino collection will be. There are other treats for you, but I’ll just leave our coupon code here to give you one last boost – get 300 Gemstones and 40 Dino Feeds, and it is redeemable until September 30.

That’s enough about freebies, and now let’s jump into the game itself. You can collect and train over 160 different dinosaurs, including famous faces – or should I say teeth – such as the Tyrannosaurus. They are all designed in colorful cartoon style, starting as cute baby dinosaurs that you’d want to cuddle, not to take into an arena to see which one comes out alive. That doesn’t make them less impressive when fully evolved to their third and final level, displaying ferocious claws and jaws.

There are five attributes at play with rules that you should know by now: fire, water, forest, darkness, and light. You can also set your party between offensive, defensive, and balanced, but these are just the basics. The meat of the game, the dino meat, should I say, lies in your use of skills during the turn-based battles with a party of three dinos for each side. You have a certain number of soul points which are consumed for skills such as attack, guard, and more, but your judgment of the situation is critical – will you use a weak blow to end the fight or defend yourself for the next move?

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Combining some of these skills opens up more possibilities. Merge two attack skills and you make a strong attack; combine two guard skills and you create a new evade skill. Or you can mix a guard with an attack to generate a counter. All the while, you must consider charging your soul points or you may end up unable to performe any move.

A couple of special skills join the battle, but these have long cooldowns so they aren’t abused. Instant Heal, for example, heals a good portion of your dino’s health, while Quick Charge adds a few soul points and allows you to execute a stronger attack. Tide turners, that’s what they are.

While gameplay isn’t tremendously deep, it’s clever and asks you to anticipate your rival’s moves. Since you can level up, evolve, and customize your dinos’ skills and stats, there are many factors at play beyond the apparently simple mechanics.

One of the things you will often resort to is the incubator. This is where you hatch your dinosaur eggs in the hopes of getting a five-star reptile. They won’t be leveled up or evolved, that’s your task, but having a party of three balanced five-star dinos is always a great start. You can speed up the hatching by watching ads or spending gems, so you have the choice not to wait for long. I’ve managed to hatch tons of eggs in a few days, also thanks to the launch events that are running right now.

A final mention for the two main modes: exploration and arena. The first is this sort of light story mode where you fight across various regions and meet quirky characters, earning valuable resources. The arena is self-explanatory, it’s where you face off against other players, with a leaderboard for bragging rights.

That's the end of our Legendino Dinosaur Battle review. If you like fun, light, turn-based RPGs, Legendino is a good choice. Plus points in case you love these hulking but somewhat extinct creatures.

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