MicroVolts exclusive interview

MicroVolts is a great looking free MMO game with toys… and they are about to shoot each other! Here's a very promising game that many are comparing to Team Fortress 2. Free MMO Station spoke with Flavio Caracas, Marketing Manager at Rock Hippo Productions to find out how big are the expectations for MicroVolts.

Can you begin by introducing yourself to our readers?

My name is Flavio Caracas and I’m the Marketing Manager at Rock Hippo Productions.

How did you come up with the idea for MicroVolts?

We were looking to deliver a game that really focused on the fun factor, and appealed to gamers of all kinds. With MicroVolts we have a fantastic cartoon world where anything goes, as long as it’s fun.

MicroVolts looks like great fun! But is the humor present everywhere in the game, or when the action takes over things become less witty?

You can definitely expect to see humor everywhere. The game just wouldn’t be the same without it. Players will have to be focused if they expect to win in MicroVolts, but the atmosphere will never get too heavy. Taunting opponents with a well timed dance move is sure to break the tension of battle.

What are some of the locations where the matches take place, and how many are you starting with?

Locations range from bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, or even entire neighbourhoods. Some maps are fairly small, encouraging fast paced action, while others provide a huge battlefield and strategic gameplay. For the Closed Beta we will have 7 playable maps, and of course we will introduce additional ones in the future.

MicroVolts will launch with four fully customizable characters. Do you plan on introducing more along the way?

I can’t give too many details right now, but something that’s in the works involves securing some well known character rights to bring into the game. So yes, more characters will definitely be introduced, along with additional character customization packs.

What is your favorite character, and what are his/her strong points?

The main characters are Naomi, Knox, Pandora, and C.H.I.P. I think they will each appeal to a different type of person, but if you ask me, I couldn’t pick a favourite. If you want to find out more about these characters you can check them out at the official website www.MicroVolts.com.

There’s some talk about how the art style of MicroVolts seems inspired by Team Fortress 2. Do you see this as flattering or you’re quick to dismiss any kind of comparisons between the two games?

We have heard the same comments from some people making comparisons between the two games. Because there really aren’t that many shooters out there with cartoon style graphics, it’s too easy to make a comparison. Also keep in mind that the only thing people have commented on so far is the trailer. When players get their hands on the game itself, they’ll realize that MicroVolts is an entirely unique experience.

The Closed Beta is near. Can you already measure the enthusiasm of the MicroVolts community?

We can tell from the community feedback that their enthusiasm is at a very high level, and it only keeps growing as we approach the Closed Beta date. We know how important the community will be to our game, so we’re very excited to hear such positive reactions from players.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Lastly, I’d like to thank FreeMMOStation for taking interest in MicroVolts and we hope to see many of your readers playing the game. The closed beta will begin August 12th, so make sure to sign up at www.MicroVolts.com for a chance to win a closed beta key and play the game before anyone else.

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