Perfect World Mobile Impressions: A Bright New MMO World

Perfect World Mobile Impressions

Perfect World Mobile is finally out there, available in North America and Europe, and many players are already reliving the classic PC MMORPG in a reimagined format. We were sponsored to talk a bit more about the game, which is great because we were playing it anyway. If you want to jump right in, just hit the link in the description.

But before we move on, we have a few codes to give away. If you want to get a cool in-game gift for Perfect World Mobile, pause the screen, take a screenshot or something, and try them as soon as you can. Hurry up or you’ll lose the code to the other players, as this works on a first come, first served basis. The redeeming instructions are in the video description, so give it a look.

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So, in our previous Perfect World Mobile video, we compared the original 12-year-old classic with the remake, noting the differences and how the new game captured the feel of the races and world, only revamped for the current times. However, since it was a pre-release test build with exclusive access, there weren’t many players around. Now, that isn’t the best way to properly assess the MMO parts of an MMORPG, wouldn’t you agree?

But now, amends will be made. With the official release, there are players running and above all, flying everywhere, so there was no shortage of opportunities to party up or join a guild and act as a team of adventurers.

But first things first. Perfect World Mobile has three races: Winged Elves, Humans and Untamed. In our previous video we focused on the stunning and brutal animalesque Barbarian class, so this time we’re going for the human wizard, a burst class with some awesome and devastating area of effect attacks. Ignoring the rest of them wasn’t easy, because each class has a stunning introduction, with some stylish moves. Many players will surely fall for the Cleric, Archer, or Blademaster.

Fox Girl

The character creation gives you all the options that you need to create a beautiful character, or perhaps an abomination that will scar other players for life. Changing the face, tweaking the lips, and especially working on those eyes is enough to give our test subject a Korean horror movie look, but let’s add more fuel to the fire. How about enlarging that head and giving her some spaghetti arms? Just look at this before and after comparison, and have fun with your nightmares!

Sorry, but we won’t go with this character, we’ll make a new one from scratch. But if you want to share your abominations… I mean, your creations with other players, you can do so through the QR code function. This will save the code in your device, which you can afterwards share with anyone to replicate the character that you’ve created, as long as they have the same class – so, if you have a Cleric QR code, you can clone a Cleric character.

If we are going to be the saviors of the land, we must look good while doing it, right? With a few in-game currency funds in our account, off to the shop we went. There are quite a few cool suits for our human wizard, such as the Sakura Dance outfit, but you can get this one via a special event. Then there’s the hip-hop costume, with extra-short shorts and enough bling-bling to blind your enemies. But… nah, this looks a bit too garish, so we’ll skip it and go for something more in tune with the game’s mythology. So, we purchased the beautiful… crystal ballet costume. Ahem.

Perfect World Mobile Impressions Archosaur City

Now we only need a cool flying skin to go with it. Humans fly in huge swords, because that’s cool, I guess. There are several options, with one of them made from peacock feathers, but that surely had to be a gigantic peacock. Ultimately, our choice went to the chilly iceblade flying mount, because that icy blue is just stunning and there’s this cool rotor thing on the back that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The game’s beautiful world features the cities from the original, but they are much more detailed and immersive than before. The production values are clearly high and that is visible both in the character classes and in the cities. It’s a great looking game, but we have an advice for you if you’re thinking of playing it on a PC emulator. For some reason, Bluestacks gives the game a muddy look that doesn’t do it justice, and it lacks some additional graphical options, so avoid using it for Perfect World Mobile. You can try LDPlayer or Mumu app player for better results, or just play it on a good mobile device if you can afford it.

The busy Archosaur city feels like the center of this finely crafted world, bursting to life with its inhabitants and the cool design. But you may prefer the Lord of the Rings styled City of the Plume, where Winged Elves come from, or the City of the Lost, where the Untamed race dwells. Etherblade is the other main city, home to the humans.

City of the Lost

Some players have previously mentioned their suspicion over the auto mode in Perfect World Mobile. Let us assure you that this is more of a convenience thing because, quite frankly, it is there to help you with the early levels or for some mindless grinding. When you have a character of a decent level, you should skip this option altogether, because combat requires skill and constant moving, leaning towards the action combat type. But the main reason is that you must manage your mana carefully, or the auto mode will drain your mana in a few seconds, recklessly using advanced skills when it should save them for later. You can use some items to replenish health and mana, but don’t go spending them like crazy.

We recommend manual combat to tackle every dungeon or quest chain, especially the high-level dungeons, but let’s take the Crypt of Shadows and the Apocalypse Valley dungeons as examples. If you are in a strong party, you shouldn’t have much trouble just by using your main attack, saving mana for the bosses. The Apocalypse Valley ends with a succession of massive bosses, so you’d better be up to the challenge as the final clash won’t be lacking in pyrotechnics.

Since I have a mid-ranged character, I’m free to keep at a safe distance, using my spells while tank classes deal most of the damage. When the boss arrives, the Untamed Barbarian should switch to its tiger form to keep the boss busy, while the rest of the party does its best to deal heavy damage. This is where my Wizard’s Dragon’s Breath skill comes in handy – this area of effect fire ring is devastating, but the downside is that it consumes your mana in the blink of an eye, so handle with care.

Heavenfall Tower Battle

Summing it up, auto combat is there to ease casual players in, but combat requires some expert management to yield the best results. There are two skill wheels for you to choose from, so it all adds some substantial depth to a combat system that seems deceivingly simple at first.

When you get the hang of it, there’s the PvP arena for you to test your skills. The Pinnacle is the place to do so, with one-versus-one fights to gain experience and honor. It’s a good mode to level up and practice different strategies as you climb the ranks, but watch out for other players with a battle rating that is way superior to yours. You also have the Heavenfall Tower, which is the endless tower mode of this game, a succession of floors with increasingly difficult monsters and matching rewards.

Perfect World Mobile has a main story for you to follow, but there are endless side quests and activities pushing you off-track, in a bid to earn more experience and unlock better skills. There is so much to see and do that you’ll always have something to aim for, and there are several hidden quests where you can earn gear or mount pieces, among other things. It’s not always easy to find these, because unlike the normal quests where you can rely on auto-pathing, you must scour the lands in search of the NPC that will trigger a hidden quest.

Archosaur City Skies

One of these hidden quests is waiting for you on the top of Archosaur City. This one involves joining some characters in meditation, because it allegedly will bring you unexpected rewards. Who are we to doubt? Meditating makes us see a Prophet, and he has something to ask us: we need to light up the four spheres that protect the city and the world, each sphere sitting in one of the huge statues. As soon as you do it and return the quest, it’s time to celebrate – this is entirely optional, of course, but even small victories should be celebrated in style. Oh, and there’s a reward as well.

Another hidden quest involves a giant tree and some buried treasure, but we don’t want to spoil everything for you, so let’s skip straight to the end, and party a bit.

Guilds are always a big thing in any MMORPG, and Perfect World Mobile is no exception. There are tons of active guilds to join, so you’ll always have some buddies to rely upon and call for help. The guild base is where you get quests to improve your guild status, donate supplies or check the status of the guild beast. There are several timed events, including the 24-player Frozen Frontier, or the Territory War, which is probably one of the biggest events in the game, if not the central event that every guild should aim for.

Guilds open additional character benefits such as life skills. This is where fishing comes in, but there are other skills for you to learn and use. You can learn alchemy, gathering, or fitness to increase your maximum health, among others. You can try your hand at cooking, but if you don’t have the necessary ingredients and don’t feel like gathering them, you can go to the stall and purchase them. This is where you buy items from other players and sell your own, with an interface that shows the available amounts and the different prices.

Perfect World Mobile Impressions Dungeon Apocalypse Valley

Obviously, Perfect World Mobile is much better if you play with a few friends, so get a few of them with you, create or join a guild and do your own thing. Who knows if you won’t get to see us around or join us in battle?

Perfect World Mobile is a fully-fledged MMORPG on mobile. Don’t be deceived by some of the alleged pitfalls of the genre such as auto-combat or auto-pathing – as we’ve mentioned before, auto-combat is pretty much useless if you want to go places, and auto-pathing isn’t going to help you with hidden quests and other tasks that require some smarts. As for all those icons, the interface allows you to hide most of them as you wish, but those red dot notifications are very handy when you need to know how you can improve your character or your eidolon.

Before we end the video, we have another batch of Perfect World Mobile gift codes for you to grab. Just as it happened with the first lot, they are available on a first come, first served basis, so waste no time.

There is a lot more to talk about the game, but we don’t want to spoil every option for you. If you decide to give Perfect World Mobile a try, even if you have never played Perfect World International, you’re in for a fun, good-looking, and deep game. Who knows if you’ll get to meet us in-game as well? See you later!

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