Purple War Early Access Guide | Hints and Tips

Purple War Early Access Guide Hints and Tips

Today I’m diving into Purple War once more, right in time to celebrate the Early Access release. Hopefully you managed to play this classic take on the real-time strategy genre during one of the previous free demos, and you could see for yourselves that Purple War is an homage to the greats such as Starcraft and especially Warcraft. Check the links in the video description to learn more about the game before we move on.

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You may have spotted one of our previous Purple War first impressions videos introducing the game to some detail. This time I decided to take a different approach and turn this into more of a tutorial video, showing which steps you should take right at the start of the battles and how you should go on about upgrading your base. Sounds good? Alright, cool!

So, I’m going to select the Human faction because it may be easier to recognize the building types, but let me assure you that the Orc and Elf factions mostly have the same scheme going on but with different names and visual styles. Obviously, you must be careful with how and when you use your legends, the combination of units, and the right timing to attack, issues that ultimately depend on your favorite approach.

Anyway, your first step is to gather the most resources that you can. This can be done by taking your rough but loyal workers to the grapestone and gold mines. These resources aren’t endless, but you can collect as much as possible from the start and save them for the ultimate rush. It’s recommended to go to your Town Hall and summon more workers to speed up the mining process. You start with a very low unit limit, so it’s crucial to increase it by building farms, about five or six would be a good start – while the bulk of your workers is mining, get a couple to build several farms in succession and see those unit limits skyrocket by eight per farm.

When that’s done, it’s time to build your Barracks and start recruiting your first Swordsman and Crossbowman, just in case. Soon you should be able to upgrade your Town Hall into a Keep, and later into a Citadel, further unlocking advanced buildings. My next suggestion is to get your Statue of Order going, as this is where you can summon a couple of Legends, special heroes that are way stronger than regular units and even bring a unique special skill into the mix. When a Legend falls, it’s not gone for good – you may summon it again, but the time that this takes may be enough to tip the scales in favor of your opponents, so make sure you let them recover health when badly hurt.

In case you have a neighboring field with grapestones and gold mines, don’t hesitate to build a new Town Hall nearby and summon a few more workers. This will allow you to drastically increase the number of resources that you gather, saving your workers a long trip to the original base.

From this moment forward, with several farms, workers, and a decent number of soldiers, it’s time to build the laboratory and unlock upgrades to our troops. Right now, it should be fairly easy to learn what you need to assemble, as the locked buildings have a clear indication of the requirements. Keep focusing on the stronger units and don’t be shy when it comes to air-to-ground units, as these often come with a devastating firepower and are very useful to take out enemy settlements. Finally, a bunch of bull tanks will give your army a strong boost, do not neglect their devastating power.

When you hit this phase in Purple War, it’s highly likely that you or someone else is already getting attacked. Your ability to stand your ground while trying to take out the closest opposing camp will determine who becomes stronger and who crumbles.

In the end, there’s not a single strategy to win in Purple War, but several. If at first you don’t succeed, try to speed up some of the gathering processes, or try a different combination of units. Remember that on the other side there’s another human, planning strategies and experimenting just as you are. And above all, enjoy and don’t forget that Purple War entered Early Access starting on October 20th.

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