Ragnarok Origin Gameplay Impressions and Coupon Code

Ragnarok Origin Gameplay Impressions and Coupon Code

The original Ragnarok Online gets a new visual overhaul for mobile devices with Ragnarok Origin, ramping up the anime cuteness but retaining the vast job system and ease of use. You can download the game from the link in the video description, and you can get a nice little boost with our exclusive Ragnarok Origin coupon code, with diamonds and other useful stuff. So, let’s begin.

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Ragnarok Origin is an open world MMORPG that will appeal to the nostalgic fans of the series, with upgrades for the familiar characters, enemies, and regions, with Prontera instantly coming to mind. It’s all cute and very appealing, with many regions to explore, thankfully with instant teleportation available to save some long walks, and it mixes ease of use with intricate endgame mechanics. It’s very friendly during the first hours, teaching you all the details and starting class aspects, being a great PvE experience both for casuals and veterans. Following the quests in the main campaign is the mandatory way to level up, but around level 16 you will unlock the daily missions, which give you more means to expand your base and job level, among other rewards.

With dailies, you can go out snapping pictures of iconic places, completing trials quests, with different objectives, fighting in monster trials, but you can also spin the lucky wheel, or participate in a themed party every Sunday, if you collected the five emblems, among several others. These are all great ways to boost your experience level and unlock new features every so often, revealing the scope of the game and expanding your options in ways that will keep you busy every day, even if just to accomplish a few missions here and there.

Soon enough, you won’t be going into battle alone, and I’m not talking about forming a party or guild mates, something that you can also do. It’s the mercenary feature that you quickly unlock, allowing you to take a companion along for the ride. At first, it will be just one that helps you out, but as you keep on climbing levels, you can deploy up to three mercenaries at the same time. Since the handful of characters are based on different classes as well, mixing and matching them with your class will turn out to be very interesting, creating your own balanced party.

You also have mounts, and in tune with the colorful and fun look of the game, each one is crazier than the other. Just a few examples should be enough for you to confirm this, such as the Hugging Bear, who carries you under his arm, or the Crying Burger, surely sad for the bite that someone took out of him.

Now I’m going to do a short break to reveal the Ragnarok Origin coupon code that I had promised earlier. The coupon code is “freshmankit”, you can see it in the video as well right now. How can you claim it? Tap the Reward icon in the upper right corner, then choose the Redeem option. Enter your code exactly as mentioned, without any spaces, and press confirm. Now all that’s left is for you to head over to the in-game mail, which you access by pressing the friends icon next to the chat box, then choosing Mail. That’s it, claim your rewards and enjoy the extra boost!

Combat isn’t groundbreaking and it wasn’t expected to be – there’s an automatic feature to help with the grind, but it’s the little touches that make it feel deep enough without getting overly complicated. Apart from the mercenaries, you have cards to boost your gear power, working as a socketing system of sorts. Naturally, these are not to be ignored and can make all the difference in some battles. Instance dungeons are part of the adventure, and they require a party, so you’d better join a guild and have a few friends ready to back you up. Encounters are another type of adventure that will also reward you, and that’s what’s great about Ragnarok Origin, there’s always some way to level up your character and you won’t be blocked for long.

Ragnarok Origin does have this nostalgic pull inspired by the original Ragnarok Online from 2002, but it’s also a game that stands up on its own. The cheerful visuals and gameplay that caters both to solo and guild players is fun and not too taxing, but it can get competitive later, if you want to explore that area of the game. Give it a shot by using the link in the video description and have fun!

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