Return of Warrior: The Return of a Classic MMORPG

Return of Warrior

How do you fancy a bit of MMORPG history? Sounds good to you? Well, let’s look at Return of Warrior, which you can download right now for free using the link in the video description.

Return of Warrior is a non-target fantasy MMORPG that is based off Risk Your Life, a popular game that was released over a decade ago. It doesn’t have fancy graphics or anything like that, but it has all the crucial mechanics in place for fans of simple yet deep MMORPGs. It’s pure no-nonsense, no handholding, love it or hate it old-school online gaming.

To begin, you choose between Human and Ak'Kan races. Each race has a few classes to pick from: Fighter, Rogue, Mage and Acolyte for the former and Combatant and Officiator for the latter. You have a few specializations, including Cleric, Assassin or Sorcerer, to name just a few.

Character creation goes straight to the point, with gender choice and a few options for face and hairstyle. You allocate your first skill points, and then it’s off to the grand adventure.

Your character is placed in a camp somewhere in a vast open world and naturally, everyone and their mom will ask you to do something for them. From killing monsters to delivering items to someone who just happens to be miles away, it’s up to you to help these people out. After all, it’s your faction’s safety that is at stake.

Return of Warrior battle

Slowly but surely you will see your experience and fame points rise. Your initial weapon will be replaced by a newer weapon that does a bit more damage, and more powerful enemies will come your way. There is a skill hotbar to use and believe me when I tell you that you’re going to need those skills to deal with that pesky werebear. As you grow stronger, you’ll find more challenging foes along the way – business as usual.

The non-target combat is exactly that – you move freely around your enemy, swinging your sword, axe, staff or whatever you prefer, throwing in a skill or two into the mix, until one of you succumbs. It’s simple but fun, with tons of weapons and armor dropping, requiring an incessant but addictive management of your inventory and character equipment. There’s this compelling factor to getting the best gear you can that never gets old.

If you happen to take too many hits and need to regain your health, you can do it faster by sitting down and chilling for a few seconds before returning to the battle.

There is a lot of running in Return of Warrior, so mounts are to be expected. We didn’t manage to find one during our playtime, but we’re pretty sure that they will make all that traveling a lot easier. But we did use some transportation scrolls that saved us a lot in shoe soles.

Return of Warrior mount

When you reach level 40, that’s when things become interesting. Faction combat is now an option, and this is where Return of Warrior allegedly shines, according to the testimonies of veteran players. There are statue wars, guild wars, and you can even build a fortress.

Return of Warrior is a simple, fun game, just as Risk Your Life was. It’s obviously recommended for those who don’t care about visual bells and whistles or want an MMORPG that isn’t too demanding with its system requirements. Combat is smooth, there’s an open world, and none of that sad automated gameplay going on. If this sounds interesting to you, remember to download it using the link in the description. Have fun and until next time.

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