Rumble Racing Star Gameplay First Impressions – New Kart Game

Rumble Racing Star Gameplay First Impressions

How do you like your kart racing games? And what about lawnmower racing, how does that sound? Don’t worry, both things are pretty much the same in terms of entertainment factor, as Rumble Racing Star is an online racing game where both casual and competitive players can have fun. We had a great time during the short closed beta and if you like what you see, the open beta is coming in October, so the wait won’t be long. Check the links in the video description for information about this game, and keep watching for our breakdown on the features.

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One of the things that should immediately jump out is the selection of drivers. You may recognize some of them, but if you can’t put your finger on it, let me tell you. They are inspired by profile pictures from NFT character collections, and personally I don’t recall any other game that has gone to the extent of creating full 3D models and give them great visual identities. You have Wyatt the Bored Ape, probably the poster child of NFT collections, Jazz from Pudgy Penguin, and a lot more, with the twist that holders can instantly unlock the corresponding driver. However, don’t fret; based on our experience, it was very easy to unlock several drivers with only a few hours of playtime.

Each driver comes with a unique ultimate with some crazy power and cool animation. It could either be a boost or a trap to slow down your rivals. Turning them into slugs, freezing them in ice, dropping slippery bananas, creating a portal, riding an ice ball, or attaching a bomb to the driver in first place, there are many options to use and incidentally, to avoid. Regular skills appear on the track, allowing you to boost your speed, hit the driver ahead, restore your health, and so on.

You can create a combo of driver and kart, the latter filled to the brim with uniqueness and customization options. You’ll spend a good amount of time fiddling with your mower, customizing your license plate, tinkering with performance kits, but most of all fiddling with decals, flags, paint jobs, and more. Every mower has different stats including acceleration, top speed, handling, and others, so it’s not just about looks – purchase the ones that you think are best suited for your driving style.

Races in this closed beta were straightforward, with the more intricate tracks reserved for later. Still, we got to experience a few of them and had quite some fun with the cheerful and silly nature of the races. Controls are very simple, with drifting playing an important role in cornering, but it’s also about clever ability use and skillfully avoiding the obstacles. Take too much damage and you will blow up, but apart from the precious seconds that you lose in this, there isn’t another consequence to it.

Casual races become increasingly competitive as you enter the final lap and push everyone around you away, gaining that tiny advantage that is often cut short when you are already seeing the finish line. It can become chaotic in a good sense, and choosing your favorite driver becomes more important than it seems, as having a boost or other type of skill can make all the difference.

It was interesting to see that the first circuit allowed for six racers at a time, while the city circuit already had a cap of eight pilots. This means that the number of        players escalates along to the size and complexity of the tracks, and as you surely know, the more the merrier in this case. The 8-player tracks have shown a huge increase in the chaos and constant position switching, with power-ups being used left and right, and that useful frying pan shield turning into one of your new best friends.

Besides normal races, there are tournaments for players to participate and earn rewards after connecting a wallet and get a race ticket. Tournament and race winners will receive coins called Ladybucks, but since I still haven’t really checked this part of the game, I’ll reserve my considerations for a later time.

The game looks good, with very nice detail to the goofy drivers and the tracks. It’s certainly not your rushed kind of game with little care to it; the carnival and the city tracks are very detailed and offer some appreciated eye-candy. Even the main menu and driver selection screens are cool to watch, you can even rotate the camera to check the surroundings. Small things they may be, but it shows the care that was put into the game.

Rumble Racing Star mixes casual and competitive kart racing in a way that seemed very promising. Going against online buddies and strangers is a lot of fun, and anyone who likes this kind of game should definitely check it out.

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