The Legend of Neverland Global Launch Bluestacks 5 Impressions

The Legend of Neverland Global Launch Bluestacks 5 Impressions

Today I want to talk to you about a new mobile MMORPG, but also about how I use Bluestacks in a daily basis. After its initial release in Southeast Asia, The Legend of Neverland has finally reached global territories, which means that it is within reach of many more players. Although the original launch didn’t come with region lock, allowing everyone to play it, this is the official and definitive version of the anime MMORPG.

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So, as you may have noticed already, I’m using Bluestacks 5 to play the game more comfortably, something that I do quite often. This Android emulator is widely known and recommended to play this and other mobile games on PC, including the latest 64-bit games, but for those who don’t know it yet, there are tons of advantages over playing using your phone. My personal favorite is being able to customize controls from top to bottom, in every way imaginable, so that it is suited for MMORPGs like this one, shooters, or other action games. The comfort of playing on a larger monitor screen is unrivalled, so you may fully appreciate the details in each game.

Fans of hero collector games used to reroll for the best tier lists will truly enjoy the multi-instance manager, where you launch various instances of Bluestacks 5 and save lots of time and effort in the process. Furthermore, you can create macros to repeat set actions in-game, taking some of the most boring tasks out of your hands.

As for the rest, Bluestacks 5 comes with a ton of customization options to offer the best stability and performance, an extremely clean UI, and a big focus on data security that is said to be trusted by over 500 million gamers. You can switch between different apps in the blink of an eye as well, and loading times are as fast as they come. You can find some official technical details in the video description to get a better idea on how Bluestacks 5 compares with other emulators.

And now back to The Legend of Neverland. Some of you may remember that it stirred quite some controversy with its ads that straight up lifted some assets from Genshin Impact, of all games, leading to a heated debate, including what genre of game it would be. Truth is, there’s nothing here that can be directly compared with HoYoverse’s acclaimed open world action RPG – this is a traditional MMORPG.

One thing that you’ll notice straight away with this game and others running on Bluestacks 5 is that the keymapping is already set up, no need to worry about controls, the keyboard and mouse combo works wonders. However, you can change everything to your own liking to make the experience even more tailored for each player.

The Legend of Neverland Global Bluestacks 5

The Legend of Neverland is a by-the-numbers anime MMORPG, something that isn’t the same as a bad MMORPG. In fact, it comes with all the features that you would expect from such a game, including a gacha system mostly filled with cute girls called Flower Fairies, but there is one guy as well to even things out – at least in very relative terms. These fairies come with some gorgeous artwork and that is meant to directly appeal to the collector in you, but the offer right now seems somewhat meager. Still, try to get the mythical Flower Fairies as these are the ones that will boost your character’s combat power in significant ways.

Combat power should truly be your focus. There is a myriad ways you can develop this aspect, from Flower Fairies to gear, not forgetting about the mandatory leveling up. During your first days you should complete the main story missions religiously, as you’re going to hit a wall in no time, requiring you to level up through other means, such as daily missions, the EXP pool event, Bathing Beach – yes, it’s about peacefully bathing with friends – or the Dance Frenzy – as the name implies, various characters dance around the fountain in Sophila while earning experience points, easy as that. There’s also a quiz with questions about the game and general culture, an event that I always love to find in any MMORPG.

With that being said, it’s the standard MMORPG template where you are taken by the hand during the first days, especially noticeable in the auto-play quests, unlocking feature after feature until you have most of the mechanics at your disposal. Expect no revolution here, just a well-rounded and fairly polished anime MMO.

I almost forgot to mention that all of this starts with a class choice from the four available: Gladiator, Ranger, Scholar, and Craftsman. You may change classes during the game, so it’s not like it will be a onetime decision, experiment around until you settle for your favorite hero or heroine. Customization is very simple, don’t expect deep changes to your starting character apart from a few facial and color choices.

Despite an overly familiar feel to it, The Legend of Neverland is a good choice for those who like cheerful anime MMOs. It’s a smooth ride until you get into the PvP side of things, as usual, but if you join a competent guild and explore all the events, it will be a fun time for sure. As a reminder, my experience playing this game on Bluestacks 5 was flawless, highly comfortable to set up and play. You can find the links in the video description and give this emulator and the game a shot if you haven’t already.

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