The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Global Launch Impressions and Tips

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Tips

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is a new game inspired by the famous franchise about walkers and survivors. As the name suggests, this is a puzzle RPG, the first one based on The Walking Dead IP using the popular match 3 mechanic – Solve to Survive is the rule of thumb, deeply rooted in a grim survival atmosphere, with some nice twists to the genre. There even was a community event running on Instagram to celebrate the 20th anniversary where fans could win a complete collection of The Walking Dead box set, but if you didn’t join in time, don’t worry, there are in-game events as well.

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Given the opportunity to try the game before release, we could see how it was shaping up to be, and it’s a very appealing one, both familiar and surprising to the same extent. Get all the info and download links in the video description and start surviving.

Based on the Walking Dead comics, this is a game about surviving against the odds, beating the walkers and managing your camp and people the best you can. There will be plenty of famous names to recruit and take into battle, along with some new ones created for the game with all the conflicts and strong personalities that they bring. Obviously, you’ll see names such as Rick and Lori Grimes, and the game does have a nice focus on story-based content, with plenty of tales and lore for fans to follow. Some moments can be truly devastating, but I’m not going to spoil these for you.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Tips

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Mixing match 3 and base building gameplay, one of your first steps to boost gameplay is to go to the friend invite event. This will reward you with VIP tickets, which speed up your progress and provide you with gold bars and instant build options, so don’t neglect this event.

Collecting characters is a big part of the game, with dozens of them to recruit and upgrade. From what I could see, there are easily over a hundred to discover, with unique skills adding to the mix. New characters are unlocked fast, but I had the opportunity to check the full roster and I can say that I was impressed with the diversity on offer. Fans will be delighted, but other players will also find so much to enjoy here, with combinations that dive into the complexity of the gameplay.

Instead of simply connecting gems and watching them vanish, this is a game where tactics come into play. Fighting Walkers and other humans is a matter of using your five-strong team, but gems will shoot at the enemies, possibly missing if you don’t line up the shots. But a missed shot isn’t a failed move, as the combo will still count towards activation of the character’s skill. Connecting gems of a character’s attribute builds the skill bar, unleashing a usually devastating attack or buff. Focus on hitting this goal and the battles may be slightly easier for your team.

Now I’m going to leave you with a few The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales tips to start on the right foot.

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales Tips

Focus on the Town Hall

The Town Hall is the building that allows base expansion and further building upgrades. This is the goal for a better place, more resources, and the like, so always make it your priority whenever you have the requirements needed for the upgrade.

Pay attention to team composition

Don’t pick your team because the artwork looks cool, or you identify yourself more with this or that one. Try to balance the team with their attributes, examine each one’s specific traits, and make sure to boost your units in ways that aren’t initially apparent.

Create gem combos and activate skills

Tactics are more important than they seem at first. Combos increase your attack power and may give you the attack power boost you need for that tough combat, while skills are just too good to ignore.

See whose turn is coming

Those handy numbers near the enemy bars aren’t just for show – they tell you who is about to attack next. Stop that from hap pening by focusing on those and save yourself from some unnecessary damage.

Advance on the Towers

Towers are good places to grab some quick rewards. You won’t be able to clear all floors in the blink of an eye, but as soon as you have enough combat power to advance, don’t hold back, as resources and recruit tickets are waiting for you.

Complete character story quests

Not only a great way to discover some interesting lore about some of the protagonists, story quests also give you more rewards. Whenever you unlock one, take your time to try and complete as many chapters as you can.

Redeem coupon codes

This is a fun one for many players. The game includes a coupon code redeem system, which means that you can grab some freebies when the developers release new codes. Keep an eye out for them and enjoy the rewards.

That’s it for now, The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is a nice mix of base building and puzzle RPG with a cool theme. Face the walkers by downloading the game from the link in the video description.

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