Top 10 Upcoming Pay to Play/Buy to Play MMO Games 2013~2015

Above and beyond, we love games. With all the excitement surrounding the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles and the eternal PC surprises, there are a few great upcoming MMO games which aren't going to be free-to-play. So we decided to let you know about our most anticipated pay to play or buy to play games of the next couple of years. Destiny is the new game from the makers of Halo and The Division is the new game by Tom Clancy and Ubisoft. Of course, we couldn't forget about The Elder Scrolls Online or Wildstar, so take a look at our complete list below. This is our Top 10 Upcoming Pay to Play/Buy to Play MMO Games 2013~2015.



MMO Racing has been more and more viable as technology and tastes change, and now we have our first true great contender for king of the genre. We anxiously await The Crew in hopes of a wide world filled with friends and rivals alike. Racing around an open and persistent United States is something we can't wait to do and seeing that the developer, Ivory Tower, is partly made up of staff who worked on Test Drive Unlimited is a good omen.



A spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media, and this fact alone would be worthy of this list. However, a wealth of promises to include a focus on community and the online experience has us fans of the MMO aspect to gaming waiting in anticipation to see the result.



One experience that you will not have anywhere else. DayZ is a zombie survival game where players start from scratch, and fight for their life with and against other players. With realism being the focus, DayZ will provide a unique intensity that you absolutely cannot find replicated anywhere else. This is a game where you are free to do whatever you want, behave as you want, team up with other players or slaughter them for their loot – this is a surprising experience, one which will have players telling their very different, personal stories for a long, long time.



Wildstar is setting up to dethrone World of Warcraft as many of its mechanics outright improve upon the WoW formula. The game looks crisp, has too much character, and actually seems to provide more than ample action. The cartoon setting will ensure a long lifespan for the game just as WoW and TF2 did before. Just remember its not a kiddy game. Hopefully the optional CREDD payment model will be well balanced.



Not much can be said about the game other than that those who do know what is going to go into the game, have said it is a great mass of ideas and also that it is distant away. Certainly, from the makers of World of Warcraft, there could be no other game with more hype. Blizzard has teased that its future MMO games could be free-to-play and have proven that by announcing their MOBA game Heroes of the Storm (previously Blizzard All-Stars) is indeed going to be F2P.



The space simulator priding itself on its PC exclusivity does so rightfully if you think about how massive of a project this really is. One shared world between the global player base means no servers or shards but true interactivity between everyone. First person design of the world means one moment you could have your toes in the sand and then a little bit later be blasting your way through asteroids. Ship customization and role personalization ensures Star Citizen to have some awesome bandit versus bounty hunter moments.


world of darkness 2

World of Darkness is a game shrouded in literal mystery but what we do now absolutely astounds us. Finally, a vampire game that will deliver the true grit and personal horror that we have been thirsting for, hopefully a real ‘vampire simulator' as the studio describes it. While the game is far off thanks to financial set backs and team layoffs, as long as Dust 514 and EvE Online continue to do well (also from CCP Games), then we can also keep looking forward to a unique and dark experience.



Backed by more lore than most have time to explore in many years, The Elder Scrolls Online should release with a massive and rich world that is familiar and yet new all at the same time. The RPG experience will finally meet the MMO part and we will be able to create a story together with friends and foes alike. Although it's more classic than a few players wanted it to be, ESO is still a blockbuster in the making in the MMORPG scene.



The Division has all the trimmings of a post apocalyptic military shooter but set in a massive world and one not so unfamiliar. A disease cripples the USA and the player is apart of a special unit known as “the division” to do whatever it takes to save what remains. A Tom Clancy game, this one came out of nowhere as a console exclusive and suddenly PC players, amazed at the gameplay trailers were making petitions for Ubisoft to bring the game to their platform. They succeeded, Ubisoft quickly announced a PC version of The Division.



Destiny seems to be taking a page from Dark Souls and Borderlands, and will be committed to incorporating singleplayer and multiplayer in a seamless world. While it is really bending the rules of what an MMO is, this unique take on the multiplayer aspect makes Destiny one of the most anticipated games. Not only that, but its a spiritual successor to Halo in every way and Bungie is promising to blow even those expectations out of the water. This one should sell in incredible amounts, even if it doesn't turn out as amazing as were expecting it to be.

You should keep an eye out for other pay to play or buy to play MMO games such as Camelot Unchained, The Repopulation, Elite Dangerous or Pathfinder Online. Whatever your favorite theme is, there are plenty of games in development, so we'll try to keep you updated!

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