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Hype Meter is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you an overview of the most anticipated free MMO games. This time we take a look at Tree of Savior, the spiritual sequel to Ragnarok Online and a game with 80 classes that blends beautiful 2D characters with isometric 3D environments.


There are no two ways around it; Ragnarok Online 2 was a major disappointment. Not that it sucked, it was more of an acute case of generititis – you know, when a game tries too hard to become something that it shouldn’t, like World of Warcraft. Ragnarok Online deserved better and that is what we’re getting with Tree of Savior, formerly Project R1, a spiritual sequel created by Hakkyu Kim with his team IMC Games. What better proof that this is a good thing than saying that Hakkyu Kim is the original creator of Ragnarok Online? Sounds promising, right?

Selling points

It’s extremely reassuring to see that Tree of Savior doesn’t succumb to the usual third person perspective to go with the crowd. Instead, it uses the most recent technology to bring the past into the present, offering us a new, faithful kind of Ragnarok Online, like if it were developed today. The beautiful 2D character sprites, while small, are full of detail and personality, walking around the isometric 3D world with plenty of charm. The enemies and the impressive bosses are in gloriously smooth 3D though, but do not fear, it all blends into a dreamy fantasy universe, old school but not quite old. You should get the idea by now, so we’ll move on.

Tree of Savior is an open world MMORPG with 80 character classes and each class has 10 job advancements. Yes, it’s 80 classes, that is… wow, is that even possible? If you know any other MMORPG with so many classes then let us know in the comments. However, some classes are hidden and are very hard to get since they have some strict requirements, so it’s unlikely you’ll get to see all of them in a couple of months. This game includes in-depth skill and stats systems and you’ll be able to customize your character in the usual way, by attributing points to areas such as Power, Attack, Critical Chance, Defense, Dodge, Magic Defense, Elemental Resistance and Damage, among others.

Anyway, we thought we’d mention the fact that there is a jump ability, something that many games ignore and then we just hate when we have to go around that stupid rock or fence. This is also very useful in combat to avoid some attacks of regular enemies, but mostly of the bosses, of which there are 200. Yes, 200 unique bosses with very distinct art styles and attack patterns, as you can see by the gameplay footage.

There is also a focus on making the community aspect easier for those who don’t like to go through the usual process of finding someone, inviting them and then hoping for the best. In Tree of Savior, you can use a party system where you just walk to someone and you’ll automatically turn into a party. In the same way, when the party characters drift too far apart, the party will break up.

Possible shortcomings

It isn’t unusual for someone to complain about bad balance in a game that only features three classes, so how is this going to work with 80 classes? Will everyone choose a few specific classes or will IMC Games make it so that by sheer talent or black magic, every class is perfectly balanced and compelling to play? It isn’t an easy task, we can say that much.


The Tree of Savior focus group test shouldn’t take long to begin – if it hasn’t already – and while it is reserved to Korean players, IMC Games already revealed that they are planning an international version, so we’re definitely going to get this game in the West! While it may take a couple of years, this is still great news for those that were disappointed by Ragnarok Online 2. Tree of Savior looks great and if the trailer is any indication, it is shaping up to play great too. We’re very excited for this game and while we feel that there’s a lot more to learn about it, we rank it right now as one of our most wanted games.

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