Triple Fantasy – Cute Pixel Art CCG Video Review

Triple Fantasy CCG Review

There’s nothing quite like a simple, fun collectible card game to kill some time, and Triple Fantasy delivers in that regard. If you want to spend a few minutes now and then, or countless hours slaying monsters with your cards, you must download Triple Fantasy using the link in the video description.

Triple Fantasy is deceptively simple, with core mechanics that are easy to grasp but that ultimately translate into numerous tactics at your disposal. The hint is right there in the name – it’s all about mixing and matching your cards to create devastating combos of three.

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First and foremost, you have probably guessed already that you can play Triple Fantasy in portrait mode. This is the only option available as the game was designed for comfortable one-handed play. You can even exit Triple Fantasy during a battle and return to the exact same battle the next time that you boot up the game.

There is no shortage of CCGs for mobile devices, but Triple Fantasy does most things right and is incredibly fun in all its straightforwardness. If there is one thing that it could improve on is a bit of “Engrish” now and then, but in time the few grammatical issues will hopefully be fixed. As for the rest, it’s a great time sink that is very generous with its business model, not pressing you to spend money as a lot of games do.

The cute pixel art style is genuinely clever, with your little characters moving around and attacking with poise, using their tiny swords and staffs. The top of the screen shows your enemies and their info, while the larger bottom part is where you have your deck of cards, along with your three chosen heroes and three replacement cards. It’s awfully simple to understand and immediately enjoy.

Triple Fantasy CCG Review

But what about the core mechanics? It’s all about triples, combining your cards to achieve the best results in battle. Elements are a traditional factor that also come into play here, with fire, water and earth elementals having to be considered. You have three classes, each one with three different jobs: Monk, Paladin and Priest for Faith; Knight, Warrior and Thief for Steel; and Sorcered, Wizard and Warlock for Magic. Using three Knights will grant an attack boost, while three Wizards, each one with their own element, will grant your team a devastating Arcane Triple.

Considering that each card has further variations based on elementals, there are quite a few combinations to be wary of. Furthermore, cards earn experience and level up, gaining better stats. Some of them have healing stats, so you must often choose between better attack stats or healing your team.

You can pick a friend card before most battles and each card has a unique skill. Assigning a card as a leader will activate a skill that could make all the difference: stun, heal, poison, team damage and so on.

It goes without saying that your enemies will relentlessly attack you. Each creature has a set number of waiting turns before unleashing their attack, so you must pick a target that you consider either less dangerous or still a long ways off its attacking turn. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Triple Fantasy CCG Review

Slowly but surely, you’ll build your deck and level up your cards. High level cards have some truly overwhelming skills, but to reach those heights you have a long and hard adventure ahead. Luckily, it is witty, as the small pixel characters show their suspicion towards your self-professed abilities, with humorous exchanges constantly taking place.

The main adventure will take you through several locations in Astelsia such as the Goblin Mine, Red Mountains or the Mad Assistant’s Lab, each one comprised of different regions and creatures. Besides the story mode, you can try battling monsters with randomly drafted decks in the Arena, or battle in the new raid mode Devil's Ruins, teaming up with friends to defeat a powerful devil.

Triple Fantasy is a harmless and fun CCG that no respectful fan of the genre should ignore, especially with the bonus of cute pixel art. As always, the download link is right there in the video description.

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