Undecember First Impressions Global Gameplay PC

Undecember First Impressions Global Gameplay PC

Hello friends and fans of hack and slash games. Are you prepared for what’s coming? By that I mean Undecember, the Diablo-like that is finally out there and is going to quench the thirst of those looking for something to play until Diablo 4 releases. Is this shaping up to be a great entry in the genre or just another misstep? Keep watching and I’ll share my first impressions with you.

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The theme may be overly familiar at this point, but there’s nothing like a grim world filled with evil in need of saving. You, a Rune Hunter, start off with the freedom of not being bound to a single class; your initial selection is mostly about looks, as your choices through the gameplay will define your build for the long run. You want to focus on a melee character, you can do so by picking the appropriate gear and choosing skill runes that favor this type of class, and feel free to throw in some spell runes into the mix, creating a versatile class; if you prefer to be an archer, go for the bow weapon. There are no restrictions whatsoever to the type of gear that you may equip, it’s up to you to create and define your approach in Undecember. Add the Zodiac tree into this and your build will become even more complex and distinguishable from other players, forging your path through strength, dexterity, and intelligence traits.

The skill system is one feature that I have appreciated the most. Divided into skill and link runes, you have to come up with intricate connections that will boost the effects of the former. You must set the skill pieces into these hexagons and carefully read the descriptions in each one, as they are color-coded and often come with limitations to the type of skill that you can connect it to. It’s a little puzzle game coming up with these links and watching your build improve, and in no time you’ll have all the available spaces occupied. You have the option to unlock further spaces with a large amount of gold or a suspicious-looking item that you probably must get from the cash shop, and if that checks out, this will be one of the areas where paying players will surely get an advantage over free players. Being free-to-play, Undecember comes with the usual monetization practices that end up being a necessary evil.

In terms of gameplay, the action isn’t too different from any other dark fantasy hack and slash. Things start slow but gradually evolve as you complete quests, level up, and unlock new skills, leading to more dangerous regions and boss battles. It’s a familiar gameplay loop that involves upgrading gear and runes, making your character better prepared for endgame. Initially I was irked at the lack of a proper dodge function, like what we have in Lost Ark, but luckily, we end up getting this Teleport skill that works the same and will be vital to escape from the most furious battles.

Undecember has a lot more in store, with guilds and boss raids, and this is the kind of game where things get deeper and more exciting as you reach the higher levels. It won’t break new ground, but the classless system and the intricate skill runes approach makes for a good start. Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts.

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