War of Gama Gameplay Impressions | How to Play on PC

War of Gama Gameplay Bluestacks

War of Gama is the newest game from developer Gamamobi, released on December 22 for Android and iOS. Inspired by classic fantasy MMORPGs, it’s hard not to find a hint of World of Warcraft in the races and creatures. This game follows the trend of most mobile releases and adds all the quality-of-life systems that many players want to have nowadays, including auto-combat. However, there are a few interesting touches that could spike your interest, including the upcoming addition of Play to Earn integration and NFT technology.

War of Gama Gameplay Bluestacks

Download War of Gama and Play on PC with Bluestacks

I have to say right here that I did with War of Gama what I usually do with every new Android game – I run it using an Android emulator on PC such as Bluestacks because it’s the most comfortable way to go. The small screens of most phones don’t do justice to the game graphics, and War of Gama is a good example of that – since the game is displayed in portrait mode, the screen feels more cramped when playing on phone, while the larger size of a computer screen gives the visuals more room to shine.

There’s also the comfort of playing with the keyboard and mouse, making for a much more intuitive experience. With the option to entirely configure controls by selecting the type of input and attributing a key to every single item on the screen, this allows for the most skilled players to improve their experience tenfold.

But back to War of Gama, the MMORPG that has just entered beta and comes with three classes: The Knight is a strong character which excels in melee combat, but he’s low on mana; the Elf is the ranger of the group and obviously an expert at long-range attacks; finally, the Mage is a magic user with fierce magic damage and good mana stats, but also the most difficult character to master. I decided to go with the Elf because I’m a fan of Archers and combat where I get to keep some distance between me and my enemies.

Played from an isometric perspective, War of Gama has this feature that instantly comes to mind. It’s called the Morph system and works as a card collecting element in the game. As you collect cards of very distinct types, it allows you to switch from your class into the character that you choose, including its specific abilities and stats. What this means in practice is that you’re not entirely bound to your starting class; instead, you may get to morph into a different class whenever you feel that it will work better against a certain enemy type. With 137 morphs and possibly more to come in future updates, there’s a lot to explore in this regard.

War of Gama Gameplay Bluestacks

Judging by the official info, these cards will play a large role in the Play to Earn part of War of Gama. There’s a plan to use Morph cards and Spirits as NFTs that can be freely traded on the market, enhancing a player’s stats and giving them the extra boost they need to be unrivalled in battle and earn more while playing the game. We’re yet to see how this will work in practice, but the idea is sound and could work if the game manages to get a good following.

It's easy to see that the core of the endgame will be the PvP battles, as that is where the earning appeal will lie. However, there’s a fairly long road of main story quests and side-quests to complete before getting there, as you earn superior equipment, upgrade your character’s stats, and unlock new skills.

War of Gama has the potential to conquer a crowd with its Morph system and for its players to earn with NFTs, so keep an eye out for it. As always, it’s important to play this and other mobile games with the best possible setup, and that’s where Bluestacks comes in, so don’t forget to download this emulator and discover a whole new way to look at Android games. Have fun and let us know what are your thoughts on War of Gama.

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