Whiteout Survival – How to Play this Great City-Builder on PC

how to play Whiteout Survival on PC

Whiteout Survival (play free on PC here) is a city-builder game for Android and iOS developed by Century Games and the object of our attention in this article. Contrary to other cookie-cutter games, this mix of strategy and RPG is an accomplished and fun romp that deserves your attention, such is the care and attention placed into making it an addictive and even fun experience. Try to survive the cold weather and the various threats and make your city grow into a full-fledged metropolis.

Whiteout Survival review

Before starting, a short mention to the way that mobile games should be played if you’re at home. Using an Android emulator on PC such as Bluestacks will offer you the best experience possible, while comparing to the traditional gameplay on a smartphone. The first thing is the size of the screen, allowing us to fully enjoy the graphics, and Whiteout Survival has these little dwellers moving around and working in your city, so this will be even better.

Performance and battery usage are things that you won’t have to worry about, as your emulator should handle everything without issues. I always like to mention the deep control customization options allowing you to set up pretty much anything you want in any game, from keyboard and mouse to macros, and even selecting a specific type of control according to the genre.

Whiteout Survival review

But back to the game. Whiteout Survival offers city management and hero collector elements, taking your heroes into battles for resources while you get the city growing. It’s not only a tried-and-tested mix, it’s a clever execution where cold is taken into account, requiring you to adjust your furnace according to the temperature. The main part of the game is about analyzing which structures you can upgrade at the time, assigning workers to them, welcoming new faces into your city, and ultimately setting off into the wild for hunts and raiding other players.

There’s a gacha element for heroes and items, which you can level up and take into battle. Naturally, these battles can be played in auto at a certain point, but that’s going to save you the worry of activating skills at the right time. Besides, the battles actually look interesting for a while, much thanks to the very cool graphics.

Whiteout Survival rev

Speaking of graphics, the city is nice to look at, especially given the snowstorm environment that adds a nice chilly theme to it. The upgraded buildings look great, as do the heroes and citizens moving around, sleeping, working, and you can zoom in to check the details even better, something that once again makes more sense while playing on an Android emulator.

If you’re a fan of city management games, Whiteout Survival is a great game that you should definitely check. Since it’s not available for PC, your best bet is to download Bluestacks and play the game with maximum comfort this way.

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