WWD – World War Defense Battle Gameplay Impressions

WWD - World War Defense Battle

Welcome to a new game called WWD – World War Defense Battle with a retro vision. This game is set on a fictional planet that resembles Earth from the 1900’s, but there are some differences that jump at you, from the armored soldiers to the empires at war. But that’s just the normal lore stuff that we usually skimp through, so let’s dive deeper into this cartoony war.

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World War Defense Battle is a side-scrolling strategic game that has a hint of tower defense to it. As a Commander, you go into battle but you’re not alone, summoning soldiers left and right to help you take on the opposing forces. It’s all about management and choosing the right units to overcome the enemy, picking from 20 different classes of soldiers. From shield men to protect you to medics, dreadnoughts, and tanks of diverse types, each unit can be upgraded and unlock an advancement class that is clearly stronger than the original.

Initially you may struggle to overcome some stages, mostly because of the strict limit to the deployed units. As you earn loot, gold, and supply crates, you can upgrade your army but also your Commander tactics, which allow you to increase important features such as your HP, mana, movement speed, and of course the unit limit, among other things. Soon you will have over a dozen soldiers and tanks on the battlefield, taking down the opposing forces and constantly spawning units to replace the ones that were destroyed. Having a quick trigger finger is important to keep the balance going, otherwise your enemy will push you backwards and make your task impossible to achieve.

The Commander also boasts some interesting special skills and an ultimate. You can take four skills into battle, choosing between molotovs, lightning bows, flamethrowers, bazookas and more. It’s over a dozen of options that also consume mana, so you must choose carefully as you need to keep those soldiers going at all times.

Units aren’t entirely equal in terms of summons. While the lower tier units such as shield soldiers only take one slot, tanks take three slots, which means that you can have three soldiers or one tank, as an example. It’s the balance that counts, with your choices and intervention affecting the outcome of the battle. After each chapter you will face a stronger unit, a boss battle as we know it, where you need to give it your all to move on to the next map.

Each time you complete a chapter, a view of the decidedly large table where the big bad guys are meeting appears, and the enemy commander that failed to stop you is executed in a slightly gory but equally humorous way. Your enjoyment from these moments will vary according to how much you like your cartoon characters being blown up, shot, poisoned, and the like.

To upgrade each unit you will need resources, mostly of the edible kind such as butter or cream cheese, but there are some precious stones as well thrown into the mix. You can combine a few resources to get the one you need, but as expected, the main way to collect loot is by conquering specific stages that are thankfully highlighted in the game. No need to play the guessing game, just tap on the resource you need, and the levels will be singled out for you.

Occasionally you will enter another type of match, one that many of you will surely recognize. It’s the one universally known as battleship, where you go against other player – in this case the AI – in a board to try and shoot their units. It’s an interesting change of pace from the usual side-scrolling summon and attack gameplay.

WWD – World War Defense Battle isn’t a game that will revolutionize the genre, but it’s an entertaining way of joining a fictional military conflict within an alternate reality and a retro sensibility. It got more enjoyable as I unlocked more units and delved into a mix-and-match mentality, accomplishing some levels each day, so hopefully you will have fun with it as well.

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