Zio and the Magic Scrolls Gameplay Impressions and Coupon Code

Zio and the Magic Scrolls Gameplay Impressions and Coupon Code

Welcome to the world of Zio and the Magic Scrolls, a new game based on a manga that is available on Webtoon, which you may know as one of the go-to places for fans of cool comics. Developer Super Planet is behind this game, one more for their rich catalog. Released just a few days ago for Android and iOS, we were invited to give it a go and even have a customized Zio and the Magic Scrolls coupon code for you guys, so watch this video to grab it.

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The first thing that struck me with Zio and the Magic Scrolls is the terrific artwork. This is an AFK RPG with a rich story and plenty of cutscenes, but something that is a make or break for me is the visual quality of the characters. In this game they look great, despite their tiny size, and I find myself getting closer to the phone screen to better appreciate each one’s animations. From normal attacks to special skills, they are smoothly animated and ooze personality, even if you may need a magnifying glass to enjoy all the little details. Recruiting new super rare characters is way more enjoyable when they look this good.

Character artwork for summons and cutscenes is of high quality as well, with great design that is superior for characters of higher rarity, but it’s also good enough for fodder of B grade and such. However, the best characters have stunning full-screen art and short stories with diamonds as rewards. You know how it goes: once you go S-rank, you never go back.

The static background scenery is colorful and detailed, but if I may nitpick a little, I wish there was some more life to it – you know, birds flying about, trees flowing to the wind, dark looming clouds moving, and so on. It would make the whole package even better.

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But wait, there’s more! There are tons of rewards right now to celebrate the release which you can get after clearing the quick tutorial. You can count on 3,000 diamonds, 25,000 gold, 1,500 experience potions, and 3,000 magic crystals. You can use the diamonds to draw 10+1 heroes right from the start, while the other rewards will come in handy to level up heroes and improve your party in other ways.

Now let’s delve into the gameplay. You control a party of five heroes selected from a roster of dozens, with the option for automatic battle and skill use. The crux of the matter is building a balanced team and using the magic scrolls in the most effective way. Understand your heroes roles and craft the scrolls that seem like the most suited to each combat, especially those end of chapter battles where things suddenly start going downhill after a long and plentiful run through the previous stages.

As you progress through the main story you get to craft new types of scrolls. The issue here is that you only can take three into battle, so you must consider carefully. Using each scroll requires a certain amount of mana, which builds over time, allowing you to activate what you feel is best at the time – actions such as buffs, healing teammates or weakening enemies are at your disposal, with the option to strengthen scrolls to make the effects even more imperative. As for your party, you can level up heroes, promote them and use equipment that you can reinforce to make them stronger.

While you can leave the battles in automated mode, this isn’t going to work for long because the enemies will become a sizable challenge. Mixing this type of manual control with the many cutscenes is what makes Zio and the Magic Scrolls appealing, even more when you progress enough to unlock the personal stories of each hero in your party.

Apart from the story mode, there are other game modes destined to increase your party’s strength. The Demon King Tower is a place of many dangers and even more rewards where you must climb floor after floor by defeating various enemies. As for The Duel Circle, this is where you test your team against other players by setting up a formation and watching how it performs, with battle rankings, seasons, and all that jazz. Dungeon Exploration is where you can grab specific types of resources, while boss raids are promised to be coming soon.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an accomplished take on the idle RPG genre. With great artwork and solid gameplay that will require you to rely less and less on auto-mode as you progress, it’s recommended for fans of the genre. Bonus points if you’re already a fan of the webtoon, but that’s not necessary to enjoy it.

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