Allods Online

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Allods Online is a free MMO game that puts the player in a fantasy world where he has to deal with alien species and space combat, resulting in an online experience that is fun and somewhat different from that of most MMORPGs nowadays. Despite being free to play, it features a shop for those players willing to spend real cash to get that extra edge.

In Allods Online you delve into the fantastic planet of Sarnaut and choose one of six exotic races. Naturally, each race has their own skills, such as the Kanians which are more prone to classes requiring physical attributes, while the Elves are more inclined to magic abilities. Choosing a race from the League or the Empire will determine much of the way in which the player will face the world of Allods. So, much care is required and perhaps some experimentation to finally choose the race that suits you most.

There is a clear similarity with World of Warcraft in some aspects, but Allods Online has a lot going for it, including the impressive Astral ship combat, available for construction once they reach the higher experience levels in the game.

In Allods Online you may become a lord of war, showing your dominance over the battlefields, or reveal your predator side, hunting down members of the rival faction in PvP combat. You can turn into a powerful and rich adventurer, conquering the most horrid creatures in their dungeons, castles and temples. Or become the captain of the impressive Astral ship, a flying ship that requires the cooperation of some friends to fill the available positions and fully function. You can use the ship to trade, transporting and selling rare items for those who need them, or just pillage ships from other players. Explore the Astral with your crew, fight ships of the rival faction and claim their riches.

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