PUBLISHER: CodeBrush | DEVELOPER: CodeBrush | GENRE: Fighting
THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

ArcheBlade is a free-to-play third person fighting MMO game where you get to enter exciting battles against other players controlling a character based on the Korean fantasy novel ‘ArcheBlade’.

You may choose from a total of 13 very different characters at launch, with more to be added regularly. Each character has a unique set of skills and weapons. ArcheBlade runs on the Unreal Engine 3, providing fantastic graphics and impressive visual effects, as well as some smooth animation and fluid combat moves. This game focuses on the exciting combat, using a combo system that provides a lot of opportunities for diverse attacks and special moves. Game modes include the familiar death match and free for all, as well as capture the pylon and more. ArcheBlade uses the Steam functionalities, including achievements, in-game voice and more.

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