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Blankos Block Party game download

screensBlankos Block Party game download
Icarus release date and info PUBLISHER: Third Kind Games | DEVELOPER: Mythical Games
GENRE: Party MMO | THEME: Cartoon
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Upcoming 2021 (PC)

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play open world multiplayer game that feels like the bastard son of Fall Guys and Roblox. The vibrant characters and weird worlds are a perfect fit for the ensuing block parties, as you and other players engage in design, building, exploration, and competitive activities.

You may notice some similarities between a Blanko and some popular toys from a renowned brand. Blankos are digital vinyl toys that could be compared to Funko Pop! figures, but in this game they come to life and bring tons of emotions and actions to the screen.

In Blankos Block Party, you can join a squad and play user-created games, just like in Roblox. An easy built-in editor allows you to design and build the party games of your liking, with “infinite possibilities” at your disposal. You can create shooters, platformers, racing games, and many others, you just have to imagine it and bring it to life. There are quests to complete in the world that is called The Junction, and by fulfilling these you may unlock accessories to customize your characters.

The developers state that Blankos Block Party is powered by a player-owned economy where the things you earn and buy in the game are yours to keep. With exclusive designs created by some of the most talented artists in the world, such as Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno, there will be editions that many players will definitely want to own.

The Blankos Block Party release date is yet to be announced, but the private beta is scheduled to begin on November 17, 2020. PC is the main platform, but the development team is promising an announcement concerning other platforms soon, so it's likely to see it landing on mobile devices or consoles as well.

Blankos Block Party gameplay trailer

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