Cross Fire

PUBLISHER: Z8Games | DEVELOPER: Smilegate | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Military | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

When anyone names the most popular free-to-play MMOFPS games, Cross Fire is a name that immediately is mentioned. It’s a 3D shooter that takes many lessons from Counter-Strike, including a fair number of game modes to keep players interested.

On the negative side, it also highlights some of the topics that these games tend to have and can’t seem to let go. The dated graphics, for instance, that can be seen by some as an advantage, allowing for Cross Fire to run on modest configurations, but it all looks a little too much like it’s the 90’s. Also, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, offering the same gameplay that can be seen in other F2P shooters such as Project Blackout or Combat Arms.

There’s nothing new or particularly impressive in Cross Fire, but one thing is certain – it offers some great and immediate fun for players who can overlook the aspects mentioned above. And looking at the success it’s been getting, there are many players who are willing to do it.

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