Doom Warrior

PUBLISHER: Creaky Corpse | DEVELOPER: Creaky C. | GENRE: MMORPG THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Doom Warrior is an arena-based PvP combat MMORPG with a unique atmosphere where savage barbarians and nightmarish creatures fight for ultimate glory and survival. Create your own warrior and customize it in depth, choosing between many stats and abilities to make your unique build. Combine hundreds of individual pieces to create a design that is unique to your warrior, there are millions of combinations available. Doom Warrior is an adult game where violence coexists with eroticism as much as we've seen in the acclaimed TV series Spartacus – you can toggle a nudity option on or off to suit your own preference.

Enter a journey across the world, from deserts to jungles and prove your worth; you'll stumble across corruption, lust and power and you'll make the ultimate choice: will you have mercy on your enemies or execute them while they beg for their lives? Whatever your choice is, there will be consequences, such as enraging the allies of the executed warriors.

Doom Warrior is a game that has a lot of depth beyond its simple combat system, offering a deep and very enjoyable experience that will please fans of grim tales where violence and lust abound.

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