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echo of soul

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Echo of Soul is a hugely popular MMO in Korea that is set to launch in the US during 2015 thanks to Aeria Games. Set in a vast, fantastical world, Echo of Soul is a modern MMORPG that brings some interesting ideas to the standard genre formula, but the game mostly shines through its high polish, even at launch, and for being an all-round good MMORPG, even if the world may struck some players as the generic fantasy world. It is often compared to TERA: Rising, which can only be seen as a big compliment.

Echo of Soul, also known as EOS Online, brings five classes at launch (Warrior, Guardian, Sorceress, Rogue and Archer) with another one (Warlock) coming later. In this game there's no dedicated healer class, meaning that every player has the necessary skills to support the team. So while the Guardian can heal the group and attack the boss at the same time, Archers can sing to boost the group’s stats and Sorceresses can focus her magic to increase group’s speed – this means that every class can contribute in a unique and useful way.Echo of Soul also features a unique soul-collecting system to customize player skills.

Echo of Soul is one of the relatively few free-to-play MMOs that has an official dedicated mobile app, allowing players to stay connected with the game on the go. Players can stay in touch with their friends and guild members, check the price of items on their wishlists, and send items to friends who need them. They can use the app to chat via their smartphone, view their mailbox, access their auctions, and manage their inventory.

Echo of Soul includes PvE and PvP and is developed by Nvius, which includes key members of the team behind the acclained MMORPG Lineage II.

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