Eclipse War Online

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Eclipse War Online is an exciting MMORPG that thrusts you into a fantasy world where two races, Rumen and Kaligo are battling for ultimate control of the continent Karis. This free MMO game includes one unique feature that changes the way you will face the game world and its many challenges – you can transform at will into any of the monsters and beasts you defeat! The vast continent of Karis is filled with wild species that you can collect and use, but you have to be aware of their geographic locations and if the species are nocturnal or diurnal, something that will give you boosts and bonus stats.

With over 700 different cards waiting for you to find and collect them, Eclipse War Online offers a lot of different approaches to gameplay. Slaying enemies will give a chance at a card drop for that monster, allowing you to then transform into them. There are 5 grades of rareness, ending in Legendary. Transformation cards can also be refined, evolved, and combined to form new cards. Every species has natural predators, and natural prey. In-game this means stat buffs or debuffs when facing off against a predator/prey. You aren't the only one who will be collecting powerful transformation cards. Learn what cards are best for the enemy at hand.

Eclipse War Online includes other game modes such as MOBA styled PvP, a classic Arena mode, and even open world PvP.

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