Eden Eternal

THEME: Anime, Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Eden Eternal is part of the new wave of free-to-play MMO games with more attention to detail and game mechanics. The developer, X-Legend, has quite some experience in the genre, since they’re the team behind hit game Grand Fantasia.

Eden Eternal features familiar anime-style visuals and a world that is filled with several creatures and villages. Players have to discover the mistery of the Soul Stone and finally bring peace to the entire continent. It’s the usual storyline of good versus evil. However, Eden Eternal has an innovative feature going for it – the ability to freely change class at any time. Players may change to a more adequate class as long as they’ve progressed enough to unlock it, accessing 15 different classes. Character customization also benefits from an original dye system. Players search the world for various types of dyes, either exotic or more common, to change some aspects of the outfit.

Eden Eternal offers mostly traditional features, but the execution is competent and capable of drawing in new players and veterans alike.

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