Elsword Online

THEME: Anime, Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Elsword Online is a side-scrolling free 2D action MMORPG from the makers of Grand Chase and a clever take on the formula. As far as fast-paced fighting games go, this is one respectful entry, featuring some really beautiful anime-styled visuals and hand-drawn cutscenes. The developers aimed for a comic book feel and succeeded, thanks to the vibrant colors and animations.

In Elsword Online players may choose from three characters and enter dozens of quests in co-op mode or take part in PvP duels in arenas. Elsword is the main character, an ambitious knight with a short fuse that exceeds in physical attack. Aisha is a mage that is physically weak but good in everything related to magic attacks. Lastly, Rena is the ranger of the team, an elf that manages to strike a perfect balance between physical and magic attacks. Easy controls and a dynamic combo system allow for spectacular moves and skills, while more experienced players will resort to combo linking and some more intricate actions.

Elsword Online is a solid fighting game with a great pace but not very different from Grand Chase or Dungeon Fighter Online.

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