PUBLISHER: gamigo | DEVELOPER: Com2uS | GENRE: Sports
THEME: Real Life | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

There aren’t many sports games in the free-to-play market and the few that exist are based on popular sports such as soccer or basketball. Only a few games try to offer the relaxation and serenity of golf. Pangya and Shot Online are capable titles, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online and Golfstar manage to stand out.

Golfstar is a free MMO golf game where players from around the world are able to measure their skills against each others. It’s a good starting point for those willing to try the real thing, since walking in the green requires some physical aptitude and practice. Besides playing with friends, Golfstar offers the chance to enter tournaments with up to 30 players. It’s your opportunity to show how well you handle under the pressure and your knowledge of the intricacies of the sport and the courses. Hopefully publisher Gamigo will add more courses to the game, since the current offer is relatively small at the time of writing.

To become a real golfstar, the player has to train hard and improve his character, earning stat points and skill points. You can also change the look of your avatar, dressing in the coolest clothes and meeting in the market place to discuss the latest tactics and just hang around. Upgrading the equipment is extremely important, since it provides the player with some essential advantages. Those who can’t wait to be one of the top players may purchase Star Points with real money.

Golfstar manages to captivate those who are fascinated by the sport and even players who had no previous interest in such games. Defeating strong players from the other side of the world is a very pleasing sensation, but let’s hope that Gamigo regularly adds more content and courses to the game.

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