Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 info PUBLISHER: NCsoft | DEVELOPER: ArenaNet
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Guild Wars 2 overview

Guild Wars 2 is the fantasy MMORPG from NCsoft and ArenaNet which originally launched in 2012 to wide acclaim. Three years later, the studio decided to take its business model a step further – not only it didn't require a monthly subscription, the core Guild Wars 2 game is now free to download and play. No changes are being made to the in-game cash shop, there are only small limitations for free players such as character slots, chat or WvW access, things that don't impact the enjoyment of the game whatsoever and are introduced to avoid breaking the balance of the game and the economy.

Guild Wars 2 remains the great game that it has always been, with a huge amount of content and the first expansion, Heart of Thorns, adding even more. This is where you get to decide if you keep playing GW2, as you'll have to buy the expansion and that is how the game is supported. If you like the core game – and you definitely should, as it's a magnificent MMORPG -, definitely invest in it and help keep it going for many years.

Featuring an exciting hybrid combat system, plenty of choices and a vast world, Guild Wars 2 is one of the finest MMORPGs ever made and it's now free.

Guild Wars 2 gameplay video

Guild Wars 2 screenshots

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