Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd

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Honkai Impact 3rd info and release date PUBLISHER: miHoYo| DEVELOPER: miHoYo
GENRE: Action, RPG | THEME: Anime, Sci-fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final (March 2018 Mobile, December 2019 PC)

Honkai Impact 3rd started its unrelenting success in 2016, with its initial China release. Slowly but surely, this anime action RPG game became a massive global hit, culminating with a PC port in 2019 that retains the charm and style of the original, but is a lot crisper due to the high resolution graphics.

The accomplished art style and a significant dose of fan-service may be what initially draws players to Honkai Impact 3rd, but the sheer depth and diversity is what keeps them invested. Besides, the action combat was an instant success among mobile gamers, used to playing games with shallow or pretty much non-existent combat systems.

There is a compelling all-female cast of Valkyries to unlock, as you advance through the story mode. With unique weapons and abilities, you're not limited to a single heroine, as you get to pick a team of three girls to take into battle. You can switch on the fly between each one, creating devastating combos where timing is crucial.

Honkai Impact 3rd has many systems at work to keep players invested, creating an environment where daily tasks are necessary to get more rewards. It's all part of a monetization system that tries to encourage players to spend, although this game has so much depth and so many features that you'll spend weeks without feeling the need to reach out to your wallet – free players will have a blast.

One of the options that you have is fiddling with the Valkyries dorm. In a The Sims style, you can unlock a dorm and add rooms, furniture, and decorate it however you want to. The chibi Valkyries will interact with the items and among themselves, sometimes unlocking new features and buffs.

Furthermore, there are many regular events that add into the mix, including summer events with breezier outfits for the Valkyries. There is also an event where you grow your friendship status with each one of the girls, eventually going out on a date with them.

Honkai Impact 3rd is a beautiful, fast-paced action game with plenty to see and do. This game was such a success that the developer's next game is the even more ambitious anime open world RPG Genshin Impact.

Honkai Impact 3rd gameplay trailer

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