Last Dynasty

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Last Dynasty is a captivating online MMORPG, in which the player is transferred to ancient China. Four distrustful rival kingdoms have emerged after a devastating war. In spite of many attempts none of the kingdoms has ever gained supremacy. Now every faction hopes to find a leader, who is capable of defeating the enemies and able to create a long-lasting dynasty.

Last Dynasty’s focus is the PvP aspect: Not only will the players face one another in lethal duels and in huge massacres, but they will also fight clan wars within their own faction. The most ambitious warriors can even fight for the throne itself. The PvE aspect is well covered too in Last Dynasty. A world with a lot of missions, enemies and precious treasures is waiting to be discovered. The different steps of the character development within the game allow for exact preparation for the challenges in a customized way. Moreover the players can enjoy creating lots of special items creating a game-play unique for each player.

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